Monday, June 18, 2007

This is a great site, that offers what really temple of hiphop is. In 1996 Krs-one started to educate members of the hiphop community to preserve the hip hop community. He was not alone on this journey, he got support from several rappers to establish the Temple of hip hop.
The purpose behind this idea is to promote the positivity and to build a peace loving and harmonic community. Temple of hiphop teaches ancient spiritual knowledge.

Personally I think this is a great intiative of this pioneer. The hip hop community is flooded with negative paradigms and Krs-one fight this with street knowledge and lyricism. This give the b-boys and fly girls the proper mindset to propel. This idea of Krs-one reaches beyond race, nation or religion.

Krs-one challenges the hip hop community to reach for the higher level. He is saying we should not be afraid of to be our selfs. We should not be afraid of our own success. Check out the site www.templeofhiphop.org


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