Saturday, June 16, 2007

Peep this, like a camera lens, feel this intensly,
Keep this underground, regardless you own a Benz,
My interest is large for hip hop, I am deeper into this,
I keep popping like chrystal in the clubs,
keep your petty rhymes, cause I stand above,
I get love, I spread love,

The rawest, with the flow, dopest kid you know,
The low profile,the wild style,live child,
I refuse to see bullshit pile, I suggest you walk a mile,
instead talking shit, about honeys you hit,
or how many blunts you lit, bragging about how dumb,
you get, I work my self in sweat,
I stay ahead at least a few steps,

One love to the pioneers, who kick the proper raps,
From Rakim to Krs-one, show these kids how the job,
should be done, For real we run, the hip hop community,
Representing fun, peace, love and unity,
No guns or crime or black on black,
infact black you lack the knowledge of true purpose of rap.


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