Saturday, June 9, 2007

The most hiphop fanatics, dream of a career as a Dj or a rapper. There are lots of talented kids out there that can break through and deliver on the mic the best raps. I think since the rap scene got so much effected by crime, sex and drugs lots of talented kids waste their talent getting involved these negative things.

First of all, these kids got to realize that infuence of so called friends that is into crime,drugs and other negative issues will not help you to propel and eventually you will not be able to reach your goals also you can not realize your dreams.

I know all about these so called friends, they will tell you being hiphop is blowing weed, getting sexually involved with at least few women. Drinking Hennassy or what ever.
If you think you got skills on the mic or on the one and two, just stop hanging with these people,
find new people that gives you positive energy. These people will help you to propel.


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