Friday, June 15, 2007

This 2007 song produced by one of the hip hops greatest producers ever, who is Dj Primier. This song 'Classic' is the a true defenition of a classic rapsong. Two pioneers meeting Two young cats. Rakim rock this Primo beat with soulful vocals. Rakim is my all time favorite, when it comes to lyricism and flow non can compete with this lyrical master mind.

Krs-one define crystal clearly what the true purpose of hip hop is. These days kids need to be reminded what that is. He keeps waking the dead heads. Nas on the hook , it is very catchy.
The youngest rapper on this is Kanye, he drop some phat raps on this one.

The video shows how Primo is doing his science in side his lab. The graffiti sprayers showing their skills in this video.


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