Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I have learned a lot the past ten years, especially about what the vital criteria is to propel in this western society. I have made a lots of mistakes too, I have actually learned from my mistakes.
One of the things I lacked was the right mind set as a person. One of the important things is the right mind set to get the things done you have in mind. So, what does this got to do with hip hop.

Hip hop is about chasing you dreams. Hip hop is about positivity. So now I got the right mind set. I think all the b-boys and fly girls should chase the dreams and get their mind right. If we as a hip hop nation should spread love and help each other to progress, We can make a differance.

In the media rap music is seen as a violent and women unfriendly, which some of the mainstream rap acts are. We got to make a fist and show hip hop is more than that. Hip hop is some thing we live. I am not hip hop, because of my race, religion or background. I am hip hop, because of my state of mind.


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