Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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Ice cube can be seen as one of the best Gangsta rappers of all time he is one of the originators of Gangsta rap. He was one of the members of NWA. Legendary rap group from Los Angels to set trend. Ice cube is not only a rapper. He is also screen writer, actor, songwriter and film director.

In 1988 NWA released the track straight outta Compton. Ice Cube recorded his solo album Amerikkka's most wanted was released in 1990. He recorded his solo album with Da Lench Mob and the Bomb Squad. Ice Cube appeared later in the John Singleton's movie called 'Boyz in the Hood'. Later on he released the EP Kill At Will. In 1991 he dropped the album 'Death Certificate'. He was accused being anti-white, anti-Semitic and anti-female. Ice cube released the album the 'Preditor'. This album contains great hits such as 'Check your self' and 'it was a good day'. Later 1993 he dropped the album 'Lethal Injection'. In 1998 he released the album War & Peace.
War & Peace 2 was dropped in 2000.

I am a big fan of Cube. His early work is my favorite. Ice Cube has delivered some great movie work. His projects with West side connection got some great success amongst the hip hop fans.



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Big Pun is one of the rappers with nicest flows. He can design a rhyme structure which is perfect. Big Pun first appeared on a track of Beatnuts it was called "off the books".

Big Pun died at a age of 28. He was the first Latino rapper to sell over one million records. In the eighties he began writing rhymes and formed the crew Full a clips crew with triple Seize and Prospect. At that time Big Pun was called Big Moon Dog.
Later in 1995 Big Pun met Fat Joe and did his debut on the record of Fat Joe. Big pun came with lots of hits such as 'Still not a player'. He was the first Latin rapper to go platinum. In 1998 he dropped the album Capital Punishment.

He dropped the second album called 'Yeaaah Baby'. He completed this album before his death. There after a greatest hits album was released. It was called 'Endangered Spieces'. There were two documentaries released of Big Pun. The first one was called 'Still not a player' the second one was called 'Big Pun: The legacy.



Friday, January 25, 2008

I brag outta top of my dome,
known for getting my flow on,
in my zone it is all about the skills,
I fiend for cream and strike like a army,
the one man with massive soul,
the classic Mafioso, and glow,
like a street lamp, I do this for my peeps,
man, I watch them bite my lines and act tough,
when ever I bug poems, it would not stop, homes
I keep moving like the planets,
It is demanding a to be a dope rapper, I can slam it,
so for ever I will maintain and delete,
your fleet of clones gain in this game of rap,

Who serve the major flavour for you and your neighbours?
cook up the pot, smell the aroma?
the grammar on the beats and let it rotate,
I rep the kids who flow for cake,
we just do not take we make and spit hype,
when the beats break, rake up the props,
my mind on my rhymes, once a lost soul,
the one with the most brag and boast texts,
the most flex,I got more moves than a game of chess,



Thursday, January 24, 2008

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Peep my poem it is in a form of a line,
but is designed to display like Graphics,
I rap this with straight tactics,
I pack the dope stacks of mathematics,
the Asiatic kid is about to rock the nation,
my mission is far more deeper than paper chasing,
got the fiends basing the blazing phrases,
I am lacing, do not deny my props,
the way I rock is harder than a diamond,

I do not stop hops, I pitch texts on wax,
catch wreck I got next like Krs-One,
I do not play son, I came back to reign,
and maintain my skills, and I got bills,
to pay, Hey I got to flow like Fat Joe,
I bet though to put my hood on the map bro,
rap fast and slow, my task is to blast,
these fakers with a blow, peace out to
the originators like Native Tongues,



Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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I am not dissing no one, I got soul,
I write thoughts in a form of a rhyme,
poetry flowing and you not knowing,
how it is going down, I am not slowing down,
you wanna keep up with a kid that rip,
mics like a lion claw, got to watch the,
moves of my enemies, they can not originate,
like the kid with more styles than monk in a Shaolin temple,

Me I am quite gentle, fun your mental,
you wanna pay me like a rent do?
I rock the globe and your hood too,
I am the true one you only in for the money,
I get it done, and accomplish the mission,
I am on, there ain't enough stars for you to wish on,
the position I am in, so you diss on, hoping that I am gone,
soon I return with another poem, for your dome,
so maintain mellow, let the good fellow rhyme,
I got more shine than gold in fort knox,
I glow mentally, I make sense with rhymes like it ment to be.



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I rip mics outta my dome, I am known to spit a hype poem
I am not your dumb ass cousin, I am busting more tracks ladies lusting,
than a main Mafioso who is armed, I come with,
lyrically a thick convo on the wax, than an elephant skin,
the colorful insights you never seen my friend,
I spend more than a decade writing rhymes,
I had a whole league of crab rappers biting my,
lines, the science of gods and the earths,
gave me birth, the Asiatic child, ensure to uplift you,
with the courage to strike back at those, who oppose,
the knowledge of my people, civilize the savage,
and make them think and ink the lines to wise up their cabbage,

Why these duplicates faking the Gods moves,
me and my brothers rule since the beginning,
the cream of the planet earth, the algebra,
for those who want to decipher, the guidance,
I am supplying jewels for those what I mean is,
food for thought, you have no clue how I make moves,
what the loops bought to your ear drums,
I am the lyrical original individual,
written you a dosage of pure and uncut,



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Told you before, I hold more weapons than an army,
my thoughts are design to bomb you with beats,
I am clam strike you with rhymes on the beats,
my hustle is rhymes and rhymes are my hustle,
for some reasons I do not rhyme about the streets,
there are too much beef for you to chew,
I suggest you take a rest and let the best deal,
with it, I hit kids with poems and wake them up,
outta they dream and make them scheme for more cream,
you know what I mean?

I am not saying nothing if you do not know?
who got more flows to throw and come raw deal,
you will never know who I am, the man with advanced plans,
alright,I rhyme tight and flow for dough,
leave the mic smoking like a cigarette,
I am a big kid not the biggest yet,
I do not sweat that so long my raps are on wax,
my fam strike back, the supreme order on tracks,
I wrote you some facts, now it is time for me to get on the next.



Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I love lots of kind of music. I love rap music, I love rock music. I would like to introduce to you this artist named Cher. Cher is born as Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPiere. She is a multi talented person. She is not only a singer, but also a actor song writer and an author.

Cher came up in the 1965 as one half of the duo of Sonny& Cher. They made pop/rock music. I think she is rather unique with the amount of solo albums she released. To be exact Cher released 25 solo albums. She scored 34 Billboard top 40 entries with Sonny and solo. In the 1970 she started to act in the television series.
In 1980 she became a movie actress. Cher won a Academy Award for the best actress for her part in the movie Moonstruck. After 40 years of her career she has become a true pop icon. She is one of the most popular artist in the pop history. Cher has sold 100 million records world wide. It is estimated she has sold over 70 million singles all over the world.

In 2002 the Rolling Stone magazine estimated that her net worth is estimated to be over 600 million USD. She loves to collect expensive real estate. I was online looking for Tickets to see Cher in Las Vegas. I hope to go there to see her.



The last man standing, you not understanding,
how I can slam kids, not a fake bandit,
brand this as true hip hop, the cream of the crop,
the original man on the microphone,
the ritual be moving the crowd, allow me,
to phrase this, the tasteless rappers can not,
get a plate kid, you brag about gats, whips and chicks,
I do this for the true kids,
the fake ones would not make non,
I rather appreciate crumbs and hope for big bucks to come,
Really your money can not do me non,

I am willing to work, I am illing from here to Perth,
since my birth I am destined to rule,
I sure improve my moves and get busy in the booth,
rise and surprise the sleepers you get wise,
from the this speaker, brag and boast and manifest,
the realism, the Asiatic Christian on the mission,
got it on lock and clock like the dealer on the block,
and rock spots with top notch stocks of rhymes and I get props,



I love going on vacation. I went to six countries which is not much. I went to south India to the state of Tamil Nadu. I went on pilgrimage to Welakkanni in Tamil Nadu. I was quite impressed by this country. I went to Belgium and that was nice, I went to a restaurant in Antwerpen and enjoyed the wonderful food.

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I know rhyme pays, That is why I lay text,
on wax like a foundation, the endangered specie,
from garden of Eden, in lead and defeat anyone,
compete with a kid who do not play ish,
so long the beats is on I rip the microphone,
on a hyper tone and I bet I wreck the show,
from day light till the mid night,
cats bite, I fight with ideas and originate,
the flavour for my fam to get the major paper,
all we got is us, until we turn into dust,
I must bust the rhymes ladies lust,
and brother think it is dope like dust,

Me getting out of touch is like,
Bill Gates running out of Bucks,
I bug freestyle rhymes which make sense,
I admit I come with lyrical top notch shit,
your bogus label can not be getting enough props kid,
I rock hits, got more control of my soul like a pilot,
in a cock pit, I got rid of bad habits,
not a passive lame one, I claim to be the true hip hop fan,
I am five foot something, not fronting or getting blunted,
for now I am done kid!!!!!



Monday, January 21, 2008

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This is one of my all time favourite rap albums. I think this album shook up the whole rap industry. One of the memorable times of my life till now is the mid nineties. I was having a great time back then. I never had no worries. In 1995 the raekwon album came out. We were pumping this album all the time in those days.

This album was seen as one of the best albums of the nineties. The track criminology is one of my favourite tracks off this album. I personally think that Raekwon is one of most talented rappers of Wu-Tang Clan. He originated the whole Mafia rap genre.
The underworld saga is told on this album. Real Gangster story tellers like Raekwon and Ghost Face Killah put down some great work on the album of Only Build for Cuban Linx.

This album is known as 'Purple tape', because of the album cover. I think this album remains an all time classic. RZA did some great producing on this album.



Saturday, January 19, 2008

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I do not talk trash, I slam tracks,
the facts is flying out, Rappers get fried now,
I got much clout to spit, I am about to rip,
the mic with the stuff I got on my mind,
I doubt you can bust a rap without bragging,
about your clip, It ain't hip like mine,
what the people wanna hear, I give to them,
the pure gems my hymns I drop while the tables spin,

Let me begin with the second verse,
you done never heard the words of wisdom,
I flip the dosage like a page,
I am coming with more slick, I flow,
and lay low, hey yo....Move the crowd,
like Rakim, you know what I mean?
I came to make the spot flame up,
so hot that you can feel the real deal,

let the one and two spin, I am in it to win this,
I begin with sentances I blend with rhythm,
rhyme and poetry, flow motion put the words into emotion,
I am free dope rhymes I deliver,
my thoughts shine like a diamond,
I am in this to win,



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Since the early 1980's Biz Markie have been active in the hip hop scene. He is mostly known as a beatbox artist. Biz Markie has helped Marly Marl to establish Cold Chillin' Records.
MC Shan and Roxanne shante were the first act to sign to Cold Chillin'. On the underground of hit single Roxanne Shante released did Biz Markie the beat boxing. It was called 'Def fresh crew'.

Biz Markie released his debut album it was called 'Going off'. I think he is one of the talented rappers ever to influence the new rappers to come up with original rhymes. I think Biz Markie will remain a pioneer for ever. In 1989 Biz Markie released an album called 'The Biz never sleeps'.

In 1991 Biz Markie dropped the album 'I need a haircut'. Hip hop fans expected a lot from this album. The sales were quite disappointing. In 1993 Biz Markie dropped the album 'All samples cleared'. 'I need a haircut' is my favourite Biz Markie album.



Thursday, January 17, 2008

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One of my favourite movies ever is scarface. I have watch this movie a lot of time. For those who never knew what Scarface the movie is I got to tell you that this movie is about the American dream. This movie shows how to make it America. Al Pacino plays the role of a immigrant in America.

He gets involed in the drug business and soon he start to work for a boss. He becomes his own boss and start to get big. For a while I thought that there are too many people having this kind of dreams. I can get those dreams becoming rich, but why becoming rich with poison your people.

I think there are more ways to make money than becoming a drug dealer. Especially in the western countries. I hope people who see this movie and realize that it is not the way to go. I think Al Pacino is a great actor. This movie inspired me to be everything but a drug dealer.



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I host this mic most couldn't bust a rhyme,
without bragging about their clip,
I flip the pure dosage of the remedy,
to combine the rhythem with the melody,
and going to put on wax and serve you,
to please your ear drums, if you want,
to hear non, it is ok, I will flow,
all day and do shit the raw way,

All the fake ones get exposed,
check the poetry I put into motion,
you did not noticed me, I catch
your rat behind like a cat do,
while you fake moves, I shake crews,
and breakthrough and take all the props,
forget your champagne wishes,
I am trying to eat, now that the compitition
is non there ain't nobody wanna compete,

while you cook up the pot, I see through the plot,
why you get knocked, I rather flow and rock,
the spots and make them heads bob, my line is the,
luxuary like drops and yachts, turn up the boom box,
a notch, I pop dope lines off the dome like scotch,
I am known to spot a snake, I want that proper cake,
I am on this mic, spit it the hype stuff,



Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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rhyme for rhyme I go, get me online I flow,
we got to get this going on, I rep real rap,
so what deal with your act? dealing drugs,
and poison your brother on tracks,
I think this rap music is wicked,
I got to spit the truth on wax, these rappers,
are tricking the man, women and Child,
get their pockets filled, while others starve,
and go wild over money, you ain't moving me money,
with those weak tracks about the gat you pack,
or the honey you mack, you lack the spirit,
of a gifted kid to rip this mic.

So all that bragging about shooting and the drama,
save it for the weak, me I flow unique and speak,
the mathematics and run you with classic poetry,
I stash the massive tracks on a plastic plate,
as if was a crook I snatch your cake,
the slick rhyme designer is known to flow finer,
fly like a space shuttle and glide through the galaxy,
the sacred spiece to strike the earth,
I am down to earth with my both feet, since birth,
I run with brave fleet and read my lines,
like the psalms from the Bible, mad vital,
for my rivals they know the end is near,



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J Dilla was a underground hip hop producer from Detroit. He came up in the mid nineties in the underground scene. I think that J Dilla's work has a major influence on the hip hop music of today. This neo soul vibe is trend setting. All the mainstream artists such as Kanye West, Common, Tribe Called Quest and Pharell Williams have highly regarded him.

J Dilla is quite gifted musician and he has put together the hip hop group Slum Village. J Dilla started to make beats with minimum tools and he was introduced to MPC by AMP Fiddler. In 1995 MC Phat cat and J Dilla formed 1st Down and signed the first major deal with PayDay records.

By the mid nineties J Dilla was a hip hop's major name. He did remix projects for Janet Jackson, Pharcyde, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes and more. On Feburary 10 J. Dilla passed away, he was only 32 years old and he left a great influence on hip hop music.



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Once a lost sheep, I return to earn,
was into deep, now I peep the science,
wise enough to rise up put my eye on the labels,
I am able to speak parables, to reach the mass,
I look back where I was and where I am now at,
leaving the move fakers and a rude awakening,
for God's sake I am making it and taking it slow,
I got to flow like Fat joe, not blasting gat or,
swinging bats yo!!!. My flow keeps the heads nodding,

I came back to stop the rappers talking,
lame crap, I aim at the bulleyes,
my target is to spark the market,
flame thrower, reign doper the
Asiatic king rule from his thrown,
it is on now my poems roam the globe,
I stay low you want see me, explain to you,
in a plain form, the brainstorm from my mind,
leave these rappers behind and I suggest you unwind,
I am on time, I rhyme... I shine....



Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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Freestyle flow and I hit you with more,
than just a bit, twice as raw this kid,
you need to admit who the props getter is,
better yet I am the unstoppable dope rhymer,
while others glorify guns, I show sons,
to make funds, no more crumb snatching,
my passion is writing dope lines,
the next mission I got my mind on,
is performing, make my self heard,
from Nagasaki to wyoming, I can not
sing just link with a kid, and think
what I am capable of, universal
scientist into this bizz, just listen,
this Asiatic Christian, manifesting
the wisdom to break out the mental prison,

Jewels of king Solomon, dropping this for,
those in thirst the most, the brag and boast,
more flavour than roasted mutton, I bring
nothing but dope flows, even the foes knows,
no body can't hold the man that jam with mic
in his hand,sqeezing text in a flex format,
a kid shine more than a Rollie on your wrist,
I am all that pop more rhymes Warren Buffet,
pops Coke cans, Quite tight frame of mind,
I never slow that, Out to flow stacks of pages,
I wrote, never lazy bro, the amazing soul repping,
Asia though.



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I pitch rhymes on the beats and defeat the weak rappers,
the so called gun clappers, they nappers and putting people to,
sleep,I got to wake them and make they realize,
to put they eyes on the guys with who are going for the
first prize, they are my inspirations,
so I keep innovating blazing raps,
phrasing the amazing texts on the wax,
the facts are flying out of my mouth,
I got a lot on my mind I have no doubt,
about the this turn I took in life,
I got this route mapped out,
the kid who got clout, Spit slick,
never slouch or sloppy,

The chocolate boy thunder strike you,
with words quite understandable,
my attitude is too high for to level with,
this rebel spit with hits and the charts is the aim,
you lame cats can not deal with the plain facts,
or your petty fame, I got more to gain that,
so step back with your booty raps,
kicking the real got these duplicates sicking,



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50 cent is one of the famous rappers of this moment. He came into the rap game and dominated it after dropping his first album 'Get rich or die trying'. This was all hype. Kids from all over the globe claimed he is the best rapper. He dropped his second album 'The massacre'. In 2007 he released the album 'Curtis'.

50 Cent is born in South Jamaica Queens, New York. Since a early age he started dealing drugs. He left the drug dealing career to start a rapping career. He was shot 8 times. So he felt that drug dealing is no good. It is great that he turned his life around and started to rap. In 2002 50 Cent was discovered by Eminem after he released his mixtape 'Guess who's back'. 50 Cent was signed to Interscope and with help of Dr.Dre and Eminem he became one of the highest selling artist in the world.

In 2003 50 Cent established the G-unit records. He has beef with few rappers such as Ja Rule, The Game, Nas and Fat Joe. 50 Cent is also a actor. In the movie he was starring as a gangster rapper. It was called 'Get rich or die trying'. He also was starring in the movie called 'Home of the brave'.



Monday, January 14, 2008

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Non believers got nothing on me,
see I am free to be what I want to be,
I do not have to prove anything don't you agree,
I bust freestyles off my dome, unknown methods,
breath control and on point, I get to get my
flow on, it is time to show and improve,
I got moves to make, and break these fake rappers,
I take weight and shake like a aftermath,
of a earthquake, I am choosy when it comes,
to picking words, the verbs spill, the ill vocalist,

I attack the crab rappers who drops cony lines,
I from the streets and spit on the beats,
make sure your feet moves, I delete dudes,
and the let the leader lead you,
I got to treat with words of wisdom,
indeed who done mislead you?
I compete to accomplish the mission
what I am into,I have been through
a mess, I bless the mic with hype,
rhymes, it is funky like sass,
do not put me into a test,



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I slam with grammar, refuse to sqeeze hammers in rap,
amuse the peeps by the pack or a bunch, I have more styles,
than Shaolin monks, son. Who I am the son of a Gun,
who hates violence, kept my self in silence,
now I broke it, I drop dope hits, bless the mic
like the pope kid, the loads of inspiration,
I get from staring at the starts,
I came from far, I aim for the target,
spark the segments of the market,
while others are selling out, I dwell
in my thoughts, poetry patterns
I brought is smoking, I am not joking,

Chicks say I am mean, I fiend for the green,
like a rastafarian, But I do not smoke,
I set the scene, I step in my boots,
through any town, hold it down,
freestyles are flowing, I feel the mic glowing,
I step on stage, break out the cage like a lion,
It will take a lot of heat to melt the iron,
I chill for real and build further on,
the foundation, the amazing spiece from the
endangerd island, remain the golden soul,
to inspire young and old,



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One of the dopest rappers from the westcoast to rip the mic. Ras Kass droped his debut album in 1996. It was a whole different kind of rap music than the typical west coast gangsta rap. Because of the hype of the singles he released from the album he got quite some success with his first album.

Soul on Ice saw a some commercial success, because Ras Kass showed the world that he can was nice with tight battle raps and afrocentric rhymes. Ras Kass had success with his second album which was called 'Rasasisination'. The single 'Ghetto fabulous' became a hit. The video of this song was shot on a yacht.

People said that he was taking the commercial route. I think he got some intellectual rhymes. Ras Kass third album was called 'Van Gogh'. It received some excellent reviews. Ras Kass had some beef with other rappers such as Necro, Alchemist, The Game.



Saturday, January 12, 2008

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Allow me to drop this what I got on my dome,
my poems are the truth, I got to rhyme now,
it is about my loot, fresh and blessed to flex,
on the microphone on a hyper tone, with the type
of poems that ignite your world like the sun,
travelling towards the earth at the speed of light,
it will beat the night and heat the globe,
thoughts I put down on a page, will deceive the foes,
and peace to those, appreciate what I write,

from letters to words from words the sentence,
makes the verses that make plenty sense,
feel me?, if not really, you mad silly,
you must spend your last cents on a philly,
got the skills you never had I am illy,
the bad rappers can not compete with a kid,
that rip the mics spit like a lama do,
talking trash is bad for my karma dude,
my vocab expands from reading,
with the vocals I am greeting and treating,
the crowd with more flavours than candy,

no need to rush, I dust off my shoulder,
and proceed to bust, the lines are wrote,
rhyming is like a sport, I got game on any court,
many struggle with negative thoughts,
let me shine a light into the night,
to make your mind set bright, do not deny,
about the fact I wreck my mic checks tight,
the natural high be my chemistry,
my colorful insights are not only black and white.



Friday, January 11, 2008

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You never thought of the unthinkable,
I wrote the dosage to motivate a kid,
that rip mics like a lion claw, when it comes,
to the flow, I come with more styles than,
than a kung fu flick, quite raw though,
steal shows like a clepto, I wreck
and check mics to get dough, freestyles
flowing out of my mind like a the Nile,
see this child spit wild like a predator,
so back up pal, back is the editor.

I shine...I rhyme....out to get mine,
own the skills to make the ground shake,
so stay a wake kid too many fake ones,
slivering around, for the cake,
I am going to make it first,
then rake the profits, put the work in,
you sing for the moment, I rhyme for the
ages to come to reach eternity,
you never heard of me, but my words be,
the fluid if you thirsty.

the righteous disciple spitting, while the wheels,
go around like a cycle, wisdom like the Bible,
I drop in a form of a poem, flowing from day to night,
me playing around hardly, quite serious and focused,
you noticed I host this, I chose to flow kid,
I can not care about those who do not care,
about a calm kid that rhyme, I keep getting mine.



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I got so much rhymes it is not about doing crimes,
or blowing nines, I am not out to sell mines,
although it is fine designed and I still got
these punk mcees on my mind while I drop this,
those are my inspiration, there is no relation,
between me and them, I drop flawless gems,
still blend the words like Chinese medicine,
I am in this to win and bring the vocals,
spread all over the global, the soulful
human being beyond the level the average
rapper is on, my poems flowing, you not knowing,
how it is going down.

I am heavily inspired by them clones making me tired,
rhymes are blown like guns fired, you are supplying
bullshit to the buyer, the liars desire to make that
fast cash talking that mad trash, it will never last,
I master the technique, I check the mic with rhyme speech,
use to break dance on the beach, my plans are advanced,
people are mistaking my pride for arrogance, man...,
what ever is clever I spit the relevance and bring the essence,
of hip hop love, peace and unity, the message I drop
gets props, knock rappers off the box.



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Dialated peoples are a rap group from Calfornia. Although they did not have much commercial success, but they are well know amongst the hip hop fans. The song "This way" gave them a commercial success. The members of the groups are Iriscience, DJ Babu and Evidence.

Dialated peoples are together since 1992. They dropped the songs "work the angle" and 'third degree'. They recorded an album called 'Imagery, battle hymns and political poetry'. In 2000 they released the album 'Platform'. In 2004 was the album 'Neighbourhood watch' was released. Some of the close associates of Dialated Peoples are Alkaholiks and Defari. Other associates are Talib Kweli, Mobb Deep, Gang Starr and the Roots.

I think Dialated peoples makes nice rap music. One of my favourite songs is Dialated Peoples 'Worst comes Worst'. The sample of William Bell is dope. It is from his song called "I forgot I am your lover". This is also used by Killah Priest on his song called 'One step'.



Thursday, January 10, 2008

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I return with dope rhymes and strike you,
going rounds like wheels on a cycle,
those who blow rifles and act trifle,
oppose to let the beef rest, I stay,
flexed and got my mind on what to master next,
I started with spitting texts,
to make change for better, the streets are redder,
skills are what matter, I got to live,
and let live, I got to build my thoughts up,
the real deal about why I am caught up,
in between my dreams and reality,
I am bought up with a warriors mentality,

The rebel be rhyming on the melody,
the rhythm hitting harder than Ali's punches,
I do not bite I am chewing rhymes like lunches,
feed my mind you can not read my mind,
my thoughts are travelling too fast, was I blind,
to see what my task was, I escape all your trash talk,
I walk and watch others sliver, I deliver the dosage,
the cure in the pure form of hip hop,
so your mind caught up with sick thoughts,
I spit for those seeking the remedy,
I got plenty, for now it is the ending.



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I got to tell you about a Dutch rapper called Extince. He is one of the rap artists, who started rapping in Dutch in the mid nineties. At that time he was one of the pioneering artist and a trendsetter. He made a lots of kids rap in Dutch. One of the hits he hit the Dutch charts with was 'Spraak water'. If I translate it to English it is 'Speech Fluid'.

He was writing dope rhymes and I was really a fan of his. He seems to rhyme on any beat you give him and he will make a hit. All of his albums was dope. The last album he dropped was weak. I think there are lots of dope beats on it. The rhymes are whack. He dropped a single from his new album this is really senseless, just hollow metaphors and yada yada lyrics.

I hope he is coming with some tighter raps on his next album. Something like this hit Click here. If you do not speak Dutch then you still can enjoy the beat. It is quite tight.



Wednesday, January 9, 2008

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While others act complex with simplistic raps,
I simply confess I am distinguished with linguistic on wax,
let others exaggerate, more accurate and realistically,
raps makes your whole persona vapourate, my grammar,
weighs tons, the sentence are stronger than rum,
This is my journal, I will break down the chronicle,
my raps are objective articles, no object can ambush me,
I am free to write dope rhymes, don't you agree?
the true breed, feed your mind with the art,
that comes from the heart, word!!!

I am inspired and spit fire my desire to take you higher,
than a satellite, the bright ideas came from the mind,
raised in Asia, wreck with techniques and set it off,
with nothing soft, I remain the hope for my people,
stimulate and motivate it is never too late,
to drop the thoughts I wrote on a plastic plate,
out for props it is all about clout,
not that cash route hardcore like Mash Out Posse,
I got class and last to be the first,
while the guns burst, I come with the truth,
for those thirst for knowledge, the merciful,
wrote a jewel to supply sight to the fool,



This year I was not only buying Christmas gifts for my family, but also for my self. I thought I am going to treat my self right with some vinyl. It got to be a classic hip hop track. Few weeks before Christmas I was talking to sister about how much I love the song of Rakim, which is called 'Follow the leader'.

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This year the I got the same Rakim track twice and that is nice. I am a big fan of Rakim so I have mixed feelings about selling one of the copies. I really do not want to give it away either.



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I never fake no move, I take time to show and improve,
I make clever rhymes peaceful thesis like Jesus,
the east is back and rep the kids who spit for cheeses,
Thank God for the sun shine, I pick my pen and pad up,
pen moves on automatic on paper, my thoughts are no magic,
It is science, I am inspired by God guidance,
nobody can deny this, those who lack the real,
oppose, I rose from the shore, give me beat,
I will defeat your evil squadron, I rock like Sound Garden,
I know the streets, that is why I love home so much,
I zone and get rush from lines I bust, except for God,
I trust no one, neat lyricist pumps his fist,
strategic gifted kid comes with brag and boast rap,
I lead indeed with insights and the black Moses,
host this mic like a soul do your body,
rock the party with raw raps, it is all that,
I am out for props and soul claps, so relax!!!!

I return with more depth and take one step at a time,
got enough plans, the time seems the issue,
not out to diss rappers, I 'll be on plastic,
kicking the styles like Jet Li with the techniques I mastered,
I think and you think I am too fast with, dropping rhyme tactics,
the massive attraction is the beat to rhyme on, for ever I 'll
be strapped with tight poems, alright biter, here is a nice song,
go head and clone and get your party on, I 'll be thinking
about this and that, the mission is far deeper than your diplomatic,
chit chat, who is with that? you trick the poor with bread and water,
brainwash, and send them to the slaughter, they will be branded like heroes,
I get you mind into motion like a motor, the soldiers do not see the first quarter,



Tuesday, January 8, 2008

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I brag and boast and you will be lost
of course inside my rhyme style patterns,
I am hotter than hot sauce and I come with
flavours you never tasted, I lace this
like a beat,yes indeed I breathe on tracks,
I speak the words that get you higher than
a peak, I take time and let me remind you
of the peeps, who keep it real and realer
than it gets, heads get what they deserve,
I got the nerves to serve them with true flavours,
ensure to be original, man I slam this rhymes
you going to pass to your grand kids,
My natural high keeps supplying these rappers,
the truth,

a solid mind designed by the people
who build pyramids, I look slick with a thick convo,
The secrets are whispered about the hidden,
treasures, I measure my language as mathematics,
since I was ripping the mics, unlike those fony rappers,
I got plenty of rhymes to go around, it is going down,
so watch you mouth clown I hardly frown and you are dealing,
with kids from the underground, I got to keep my temper
under control, I got mad soul and some know,
the cream of the planet earth, since birth I am
taught the wisdom of the civilized people,
the ancient Persians with melanin in the skin,
I will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I am back at this, rhyming like a poetic addict,
writing down on paper the mad tactics,
bring more spirituals than a baptist,
your poor rituals of whack hits,
can not compete with the real kids,
who knows what the deals, I deal with,
the mics and beats in this life I,
got to succeed, It is all about getting
the rhymes across, while the tables spin,
my tales doper that trees you inhale,
forget fishscale, I spit way doper,
if you that you fail,

from the concrete jungle to desert land,
I came to spread the word like a Evangelist,
I got a whole list of topics to spit,
The gifted kid is ripping it and words are flipping,
why rappers are tripping and poison their people,
I can not sit back and watch how the man kind
designs his own destruction, got child soldiers
carrying guns and their brainwashed, my aim is
to let the people in power think about what I ink,
and link to facts we got to begin with implementing,
solutions, I am blending poetry in my lab I do the math,
the most people did not noticed me, I got soul like Otis b,
you wonder who the dopiest be, of course the Asiatic chosen one,



I red this interview this morning with the editor-in-chief of Wired about the future marketing models. The long tail theory is created by him. This is a great interview it gives some new ideas about doing business. In this interview Chris Anderson explains the concept of 'free'.

He explains the what the 'Freemium' model is. He talks about the leading websites which are exploiting this model. Check out 123-reg blog to read the whole interview. People are likly not to value the free stuff. Chris Anderson explains what he thinks about this. Chris Anderson is going to give away his new book for free. He also talks about how he is going to do this. He also explains the most misunderstood things about things about the Long Tail theory.

Chris Anderson also explains where the social networking is going. Check out 123-reg blog for the interview with Chris Anderson.



Yo!!!! I drop this on plastic, mad grammar is everlasting,
I flow for my peeps with tactics,the baddest rapper is stacking,
more rhymes and I hold mine and I do not blow nines,
I elevate your soul to find a higher goal,
in this life, throughout beats, rhymes and life,
Let the plate rotate, I keep practising till I
reach the pro state, Oh.. wait!!! while you play more hate,
I keep on peeping more ways to get paid,
It is never too late learn, I got to flow major,
tropical breeze form the east brings you fresh insights,
I got the grip the mic tight to rip and flip,
the words what I spit are slick,
written to be spitting and I am not committing,
no verbal sin, see my rhymes are clean.

drop a gem, the son of Sem, the Asiatic child,
the descendants of the 12 tribes are alive,
to bring the live vibe and strike you
dome with nothing but wisdom, poetry patterns
are fire and blazing the hip hop nations,
too hot and untouchable, no nonsense,
I would not rest till I accomplish,
the missions I am on, I 'll breathe and reach,
the people and make clear for them to hear,
there is nothing to fear than fear it self,
I am in gear and take care of my health,
the wealth is next, I got my mind on mic checks,
I design a hype text, I might flex on a beat or off beat.



Sunday, January 6, 2008

I ensure to speak the truth, the pure lyrical,
miracle, tear the off the booth, smooth on loops,
The Asiatic child the wildest, dig me like
a needle into a groove, the vocals on wax is the prove,
sometimes I am rude, but ehh... most of times I design,
rhymes not to hurt no one, so unwind your mind,
while I shine a ray of light to ignite,
your thought of doom, I fought with sceptic thoughts,
of fools, I won and no one can rule this kids mind,
for those who have been blind, I will supply you sight,
just keep on reading this poem alright,

Let the one and two spin, the state-of-mind I am in,
is the first step towards the victory, I will win,
I begin to provide the dopiest lines, if you deny
that real hip hop kids can not make a change,
change for better, I do not need a Polo sweater,
I dress in black and get on stage, I express my rage,
One day these rhymes will get a wage, This page,
will flow, I am ill, I show and Improve,
I am real, I make moves, rocking the microphone,
on a smooth loop,



Friday, January 4, 2008

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About six months ago I was writing about that I was freestyling off top the dome on my bike on my way to work. It made some progression in those months. I freestyle front of the mirror, in the bathroom and while I take my daily walk. My moms is like "are you talking to your self or something?" I am like "No ma I am freestyling".
Then I have to explain what that is. This off the dome freestyling is also know in the Sri Lankan culture. It not in for of rapping, but singing hymns about a certain topic. And they compete with each other. In hip hop we call it 'Battling'. In Sri Lanka they call it 'Hitiwana kawi'.

So when I explained too her she understood what I was doing. Anyway I can rhyme off top of my head for about few minutes, but I have still this tic that I repeat the word 'Yo' and 'Microphone'. I am hoping to get rid of those tics.

I am freestyling now while I am taking a walk, I got the instrumental of 'breathe' of Fabulous. This is a dope beat. It is really fun to do this, but I do not think I am ready to spit on a open mic. It might take awhile.



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Let the ghost of brag and boast host your party,
leave your toast at home, most of clones can not,
be original and I am being traditional to stimulate,
the creativity instead of hate, I drop these raw lines,
on the plastic plate and let it rotate, my soul weighs
more than a whale and sit back and inhale the fresh air,
I am blessed yeah!!!! by the God of the Israelites,
I at my best yeah!!!! if you are the superman I'll be Kryptonite,
Back in the days I got busy from day until the night,
for those who bite I was like a nightmare in the daylight,
I say what makes sense make dollars out of cents
and invent and blend the my rhymes with elements
from the main source,

I intend to entertain,
pleasure is mine, that is why I rather rhyme,
and study new methods to get money,
my fam got to eat and my peeps too,
I defeat evil with the tongue of Hebrew,
the men of Asia is back to deliver,
on the microphone with enlighten poems,
the brown skin child born in Little Rome,
on the Pearl of the Indian Ocean,
now that I am grown, the iron lion of Judah
strike you clones with a status above the norm,
the versatile style of rhymes I drop,
you heard, the factual and rational,
the truth is my word.



Thursday, January 3, 2008

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If you ask me, what my task is, to blast
rhymes and poetry in my lines with a passion,
the star have being bright from the start, there ain't
no relaxing, knowledge, wisdom and understanding
for mankind's expansion, the crowd is the main attraction,
I am next up to flex these texts respect to the vets,
I am blessed to rip countless mics, I am down since 1994,
Eversince I spit raw, I am legit and I will get more,
from life, not only dough is what I like,
I got to flow and keep a low pro till I am,
on the stage and blow,

spit the pages of
thoughts, I wrote and I bought it in a form
of a poem, I rule from my thrown in Asia,
make room for the the living exhibit of,
exquisite rhyme line designer, known for
bringing the vibe, the hope for the lost
tribes, the manifest the essence of the,
Most High, in every sentence I am writing,
My slingshot of thoughts will destroy you,
even you are a titan, I do not care
about your record sales, you are socially
and spiritually faild, cause of the
gun talk, I do this for fun though,
I lay low like and draw no attention,
So, the underground rapper turn you
off like the clapper,



Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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Jeru the Damaja is from Brooklyn and he is known for rocking mics since he was a young fellow. In Brooklyn he was rocking mics at block parties. His childhood friends are known for working with him. Those friends are the legendary hip hop group Gangstarr. Jeru is known for his prophetic style of rhyming. He comes with a more conscious approach to the problems in urban America, which are drugs, guns and crime.

In 1992 Jeru made his debut on the Gangstarr track which was called "I am the man". In a instant he got mad fame on the streets. A year after Jeru came with a single
called 'Come clean', which contains a sample of Onyx. Click here to check out the track 'Come clean'. A great anti-gun song.

In 1994 Jeru released the album 'Sun rises in the east', which was produced by DJ Premier. The underground hip hop fans received the album well. Jeru the Damaja's prophetic talents became more obvious after showing the twin towers on fire on the album cover of his debut album 'Sun rises in the east'. In 1996 he came with a album called 'Wrath of the math', which was also produced by DJ Premier. In 1999 he released an album called 'Heroz4hire'. This was less critically acclaimed as the previous 2 albums. In 2003 Jeru the Damaja released the album 'Divine design' on his own record label.



Tuesday, January 1, 2008

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I got to start this year with writing about the most lyrical rapper of all time, most influential rapper of all time. I can ensure everybody any rapper, who is on top today got to be influenced by Rakim. Without him the state of hip hop have been lost. Even the most commercial rappers admit, who they got their idea from.

Any hip hop fan, who do not know about Rakim missing out whole lot of good music. My favourite rakim album is his first solo album 18Th letter. I found this freestyle of Rakim on Youtube. Click here to check it out. Also Rakim talks about that you got to know your history of rap music if you are considering your self as a true hip hop fan.

Rakims rhymes are a true guidence for me. He is not only out to entertain us. He is telling his experience on survival in the streets of New York. I think the strugle in the urban America is the main inspiration for Rakim to come up with this type of rhymes. 18Th letter for ever.


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