Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This year I was not only buying Christmas gifts for my family, but also for my self. I thought I am going to treat my self right with some vinyl. It got to be a classic hip hop track. Few weeks before Christmas I was talking to sister about how much I love the song of Rakim, which is called 'Follow the leader'.

I ordered that song online and few days later I got the track shipped to my home. On Christmas day we were sharing gifts and my sister has bought me the same track of Rakim. It was also on vinyl. I was happy about it anyway. My sister was online checking out a site to apply for loans and credit cards. After that she has ordered the Rakim track for me.

This year the I got the same Rakim track twice and that is nice. I am a big fan of Rakim so I have mixed feelings about selling one of the copies. I really do not want to give it away either.


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