Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The last man standing, you not understanding,
how I can slam kids, not a fake bandit,
brand this as true hip hop, the cream of the crop,
the original man on the microphone,
the ritual be moving the crowd, allow me,
to phrase this, the tasteless rappers can not,
get a plate kid, you brag about gats, whips and chicks,
I do this for the true kids,
the fake ones would not make non,
I rather appreciate crumbs and hope for big bucks to come,
Really your money can not do me non,

I am willing to work, I am illing from here to Perth,
since my birth I am destined to rule,
I sure improve my moves and get busy in the booth,
rise and surprise the sleepers you get wise,
from the this speaker, brag and boast and manifest,
the realism, the Asiatic Christian on the mission,
got it on lock and clock like the dealer on the block,
and rock spots with top notch stocks of rhymes and I get props,


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