Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I got to start this year with writing about the most lyrical rapper of all time, most influential rapper of all time. I can ensure everybody any rapper, who is on top today got to be influenced by Rakim. Without him the state of hip hop have been lost. Even the most commercial rappers admit, who they got their idea from.

Any hip hop fan, who do not know about Rakim missing out whole lot of good music. My favourite rakim album is his first solo album 18Th letter. I found this freestyle of Rakim on Youtube. Click here to check it out. Also Rakim talks about that you got to know your history of rap music if you are considering your self as a true hip hop fan.

Rakims rhymes are a true guidence for me. He is not only out to entertain us. He is telling his experience on survival in the streets of New York. I think the strugle in the urban America is the main inspiration for Rakim to come up with this type of rhymes. 18Th letter for ever.


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