Friday, January 11, 2008

You never thought of the unthinkable,
I wrote the dosage to motivate a kid,
that rip mics like a lion claw, when it comes,
to the flow, I come with more styles than,
than a kung fu flick, quite raw though,
steal shows like a clepto, I wreck
and check mics to get dough, freestyles
flowing out of my mind like a the Nile,
see this child spit wild like a predator,
so back up pal, back is the editor.

I shine...I rhyme....out to get mine,
own the skills to make the ground shake,
so stay a wake kid too many fake ones,
slivering around, for the cake,
I am going to make it first,
then rake the profits, put the work in,
you sing for the moment, I rhyme for the
ages to come to reach eternity,
you never heard of me, but my words be,
the fluid if you thirsty.

the righteous disciple spitting, while the wheels,
go around like a cycle, wisdom like the Bible,
I drop in a form of a poem, flowing from day to night,
me playing around hardly, quite serious and focused,
you noticed I host this, I chose to flow kid,
I can not care about those who do not care,
about a calm kid that rhyme, I keep getting mine.


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