Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yo!!!! I drop this on plastic, mad grammar is everlasting,
I flow for my peeps with tactics,the baddest rapper is stacking,
more rhymes and I hold mine and I do not blow nines,
I elevate your soul to find a higher goal,
in this life, throughout beats, rhymes and life,
Let the plate rotate, I keep practising till I
reach the pro state, Oh.. wait!!! while you play more hate,
I keep on peeping more ways to get paid,
It is never too late learn, I got to flow major,
tropical breeze form the east brings you fresh insights,
I got the grip the mic tight to rip and flip,
the words what I spit are slick,
written to be spitting and I am not committing,
no verbal sin, see my rhymes are clean.

drop a gem, the son of Sem, the Asiatic child,
the descendants of the 12 tribes are alive,
to bring the live vibe and strike you
dome with nothing but wisdom, poetry patterns
are fire and blazing the hip hop nations,
too hot and untouchable, no nonsense,
I would not rest till I accomplish,
the missions I am on, I 'll breathe and reach,
the people and make clear for them to hear,
there is nothing to fear than fear it self,
I am in gear and take care of my health,
the wealth is next, I got my mind on mic checks,
I design a hype text, I might flex on a beat or off beat.


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