Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Once a lost sheep, I return to earn,
was into deep, now I peep the science,
wise enough to rise up put my eye on the labels,
I am able to speak parables, to reach the mass,
I look back where I was and where I am now at,
leaving the move fakers and a rude awakening,
for God's sake I am making it and taking it slow,
I got to flow like Fat joe, not blasting gat or,
swinging bats yo!!!. My flow keeps the heads nodding,

I came back to stop the rappers talking,
lame crap, I aim at the bulleyes,
my target is to spark the market,
flame thrower, reign doper the
Asiatic king rule from his thrown,
it is on now my poems roam the globe,
I stay low you want see me, explain to you,
in a plain form, the brainstorm from my mind,
leave these rappers behind and I suggest you unwind,
I am on time, I rhyme... I shine....


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About This Blog

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