Thursday, January 10, 2008

In 2005 I went to Sri Lanka to visit my family in Sri Lanka. One of my uncles has bought a DVD player. I bought at least one DVD per week in those days. I had some DVDs at home that I found it that I could give them away. The manga movie called 'Ninja Scrolls' was not a type of movie I wanted to give away. Although I gave it to my cousin, I thought he might enjoy it even more than me.

The only problem was the DVDs I bought in Holland could not be played in the DVD players bought in Sri Lanka. This is too bad for my cousin, because the DVD player had a region code. This do not have to be a problem no more, because it is now easy to make your DVD region free DVD. People who make the DVDs thinks, those people who lives in countries with a strong economy should pay more for a DVD than the people in other countries. That is why the DVDs are locked with region codes. Region 1 is U.S and Canada. Region 6 is China. Now you can find out all the codes for 1500 DVD players to make your DVD player region free. With your remote control you can insert the code to make your DVD region free.

Click here to get your codes to make your DVD player region free.


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