Thursday, January 10, 2008

I return with dope rhymes and strike you,
going rounds like wheels on a cycle,
those who blow rifles and act trifle,
oppose to let the beef rest, I stay,
flexed and got my mind on what to master next,
I started with spitting texts,
to make change for better, the streets are redder,
skills are what matter, I got to live,
and let live, I got to build my thoughts up,
the real deal about why I am caught up,
in between my dreams and reality,
I am bought up with a warriors mentality,

The rebel be rhyming on the melody,
the rhythm hitting harder than Ali's punches,
I do not bite I am chewing rhymes like lunches,
feed my mind you can not read my mind,
my thoughts are travelling too fast, was I blind,
to see what my task was, I escape all your trash talk,
I walk and watch others sliver, I deliver the dosage,
the cure in the pure form of hip hop,
so your mind caught up with sick thoughts,
I spit for those seeking the remedy,
I got plenty, for now it is the ending.


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About This Blog

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