Wednesday, January 16, 2008

rhyme for rhyme I go, get me online I flow,
we got to get this going on, I rep real rap,
so what deal with your act? dealing drugs,
and poison your brother on tracks,
I think this rap music is wicked,
I got to spit the truth on wax, these rappers,
are tricking the man, women and Child,
get their pockets filled, while others starve,
and go wild over money, you ain't moving me money,
with those weak tracks about the gat you pack,
or the honey you mack, you lack the spirit,
of a gifted kid to rip this mic.

So all that bragging about shooting and the drama,
save it for the weak, me I flow unique and speak,
the mathematics and run you with classic poetry,
I stash the massive tracks on a plastic plate,
as if was a crook I snatch your cake,
the slick rhyme designer is known to flow finer,
fly like a space shuttle and glide through the galaxy,
the sacred spiece to strike the earth,
I am down to earth with my both feet, since birth,
I run with brave fleet and read my lines,
like the psalms from the Bible, mad vital,
for my rivals they know the end is near,


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