Saturday, January 19, 2008

I do not talk trash, I slam tracks,
the facts is flying out, Rappers get fried now,
I got much clout to spit, I am about to rip,
the mic with the stuff I got on my mind,
I doubt you can bust a rap without bragging,
about your clip, It ain't hip like mine,
what the people wanna hear, I give to them,
the pure gems my hymns I drop while the tables spin,

Let me begin with the second verse,
you done never heard the words of wisdom,
I flip the dosage like a page,
I am coming with more slick, I flow,
and lay low, hey yo....Move the crowd,
like Rakim, you know what I mean?
I came to make the spot flame up,
so hot that you can feel the real deal,

let the one and two spin, I am in it to win this,
I begin with sentances I blend with rhythm,
rhyme and poetry, flow motion put the words into emotion,
I am free dope rhymes I deliver,
my thoughts shine like a diamond,
I am in this to win,


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