Thursday, January 10, 2008

I got to tell you about a Dutch rapper called Extince. He is one of the rap artists, who started rapping in Dutch in the mid nineties. At that time he was one of the pioneering artist and a trendsetter. He made a lots of kids rap in Dutch. One of the hits he hit the Dutch charts with was 'Spraak water'. If I translate it to English it is 'Speech Fluid'.

He was writing dope rhymes and I was really a fan of his. He seems to rhyme on any beat you give him and he will make a hit. All of his albums was dope. The last album he dropped was weak. I think there are lots of dope beats on it. The rhymes are whack. He dropped a single from his new album this is really senseless, just hollow metaphors and yada yada lyrics.

I hope he is coming with some tighter raps on his next album. Something like this hit Click here. If you do not speak Dutch then you still can enjoy the beat. It is quite tight.


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