Saturday, January 12, 2008

Allow me to drop this what I got on my dome,
my poems are the truth, I got to rhyme now,
it is about my loot, fresh and blessed to flex,
on the microphone on a hyper tone, with the type
of poems that ignite your world like the sun,
travelling towards the earth at the speed of light,
it will beat the night and heat the globe,
thoughts I put down on a page, will deceive the foes,
and peace to those, appreciate what I write,

from letters to words from words the sentence,
makes the verses that make plenty sense,
feel me?, if not really, you mad silly,
you must spend your last cents on a philly,
got the skills you never had I am illy,
the bad rappers can not compete with a kid,
that rip the mics spit like a lama do,
talking trash is bad for my karma dude,
my vocab expands from reading,
with the vocals I am greeting and treating,
the crowd with more flavours than candy,

no need to rush, I dust off my shoulder,
and proceed to bust, the lines are wrote,
rhyming is like a sport, I got game on any court,
many struggle with negative thoughts,
let me shine a light into the night,
to make your mind set bright, do not deny,
about the fact I wreck my mic checks tight,
the natural high be my chemistry,
my colorful insights are not only black and white.


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