Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I brag and boast and you will be lost
of course inside my rhyme style patterns,
I am hotter than hot sauce and I come with
flavours you never tasted, I lace this
like a beat,yes indeed I breathe on tracks,
I speak the words that get you higher than
a peak, I take time and let me remind you
of the peeps, who keep it real and realer
than it gets, heads get what they deserve,
I got the nerves to serve them with true flavours,
ensure to be original, man I slam this rhymes
you going to pass to your grand kids,
My natural high keeps supplying these rappers,
the truth,

a solid mind designed by the people
who build pyramids, I look slick with a thick convo,
The secrets are whispered about the hidden,
treasures, I measure my language as mathematics,
since I was ripping the mics, unlike those fony rappers,
I got plenty of rhymes to go around, it is going down,
so watch you mouth clown I hardly frown and you are dealing,
with kids from the underground, I got to keep my temper
under control, I got mad soul and some know,
the cream of the planet earth, since birth I am
taught the wisdom of the civilized people,
the ancient Persians with melanin in the skin,
I will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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