Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I pitch rhymes on the beats and defeat the weak rappers,
the so called gun clappers, they nappers and putting people to,
sleep,I got to wake them and make they realize,
to put they eyes on the guys with who are going for the
first prize, they are my inspirations,
so I keep innovating blazing raps,
phrasing the amazing texts on the wax,
the facts are flying out of my mouth,
I got a lot on my mind I have no doubt,
about the this turn I took in life,
I got this route mapped out,
the kid who got clout, Spit slick,
never slouch or sloppy,

The chocolate boy thunder strike you,
with words quite understandable,
my attitude is too high for to level with,
this rebel spit with hits and the charts is the aim,
you lame cats can not deal with the plain facts,
or your petty fame, I got more to gain that,
so step back with your booty raps,
kicking the real got these duplicates sicking,


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