Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jeru the Damaja is from Brooklyn and he is known for rocking mics since he was a young fellow. In Brooklyn he was rocking mics at block parties. His childhood friends are known for working with him. Those friends are the legendary hip hop group Gangstarr. Jeru is known for his prophetic style of rhyming. He comes with a more conscious approach to the problems in urban America, which are drugs, guns and crime.

In 1992 Jeru made his debut on the Gangstarr track which was called "I am the man". In a instant he got mad fame on the streets. A year after Jeru came with a single
called 'Come clean', which contains a sample of Onyx. Click here to check out the track 'Come clean'. A great anti-gun song.

In 1994 Jeru released the album 'Sun rises in the east', which was produced by DJ Premier. The underground hip hop fans received the album well. Jeru the Damaja's prophetic talents became more obvious after showing the twin towers on fire on the album cover of his debut album 'Sun rises in the east'. In 1996 he came with a album called 'Wrath of the math', which was also produced by DJ Premier. In 1999 he released an album called 'Heroz4hire'. This was less critically acclaimed as the previous 2 albums. In 2003 Jeru the Damaja released the album 'Divine design' on his own record label.


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