Monday, January 14, 2008

Non believers got nothing on me,
see I am free to be what I want to be,
I do not have to prove anything don't you agree,
I bust freestyles off my dome, unknown methods,
breath control and on point, I get to get my
flow on, it is time to show and improve,
I got moves to make, and break these fake rappers,
I take weight and shake like a aftermath,
of a earthquake, I am choosy when it comes,
to picking words, the verbs spill, the ill vocalist,

I attack the crab rappers who drops cony lines,
I from the streets and spit on the beats,
make sure your feet moves, I delete dudes,
and the let the leader lead you,
I got to treat with words of wisdom,
indeed who done mislead you?
I compete to accomplish the mission
what I am into,I have been through
a mess, I bless the mic with hype,
rhymes, it is funky like sass,
do not put me into a test,


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