Friday, January 4, 2008

Let the ghost of brag and boast host your party,
leave your toast at home, most of clones can not,
be original and I am being traditional to stimulate,
the creativity instead of hate, I drop these raw lines,
on the plastic plate and let it rotate, my soul weighs
more than a whale and sit back and inhale the fresh air,
I am blessed yeah!!!! by the God of the Israelites,
I at my best yeah!!!! if you are the superman I'll be Kryptonite,
Back in the days I got busy from day until the night,
for those who bite I was like a nightmare in the daylight,
I say what makes sense make dollars out of cents
and invent and blend the my rhymes with elements
from the main source,

I intend to entertain,
pleasure is mine, that is why I rather rhyme,
and study new methods to get money,
my fam got to eat and my peeps too,
I defeat evil with the tongue of Hebrew,
the men of Asia is back to deliver,
on the microphone with enlighten poems,
the brown skin child born in Little Rome,
on the Pearl of the Indian Ocean,
now that I am grown, the iron lion of Judah
strike you clones with a status above the norm,
the versatile style of rhymes I drop,
you heard, the factual and rational,
the truth is my word.


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