Monday, January 14, 2008

One of the dopest rappers from the westcoast to rip the mic. Ras Kass droped his debut album in 1996. It was a whole different kind of rap music than the typical west coast gangsta rap. Because of the hype of the singles he released from the album he got quite some success with his first album.

Soul on Ice saw a some commercial success, because Ras Kass showed the world that he can was nice with tight battle raps and afrocentric rhymes. Ras Kass had success with his second album which was called 'Rasasisination'. The single 'Ghetto fabulous' became a hit. The video of this song was shot on a yacht.

People said that he was taking the commercial route. I think he got some intellectual rhymes. Ras Kass third album was called 'Van Gogh'. It received some excellent reviews. Ras Kass had some beef with other rappers such as Necro, Alchemist, The Game.


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