Thursday, January 3, 2008

If you ask me, what my task is, to blast
rhymes and poetry in my lines with a passion,
the star have being bright from the start, there ain't
no relaxing, knowledge, wisdom and understanding
for mankind's expansion, the crowd is the main attraction,
I am next up to flex these texts respect to the vets,
I am blessed to rip countless mics, I am down since 1994,
Eversince I spit raw, I am legit and I will get more,
from life, not only dough is what I like,
I got to flow and keep a low pro till I am,
on the stage and blow,

spit the pages of
thoughts, I wrote and I bought it in a form
of a poem, I rule from my thrown in Asia,
make room for the the living exhibit of,
exquisite rhyme line designer, known for
bringing the vibe, the hope for the lost
tribes, the manifest the essence of the,
Most High, in every sentence I am writing,
My slingshot of thoughts will destroy you,
even you are a titan, I do not care
about your record sales, you are socially
and spiritually faild, cause of the
gun talk, I do this for fun though,
I lay low like and draw no attention,
So, the underground rapper turn you
off like the clapper,


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