Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I never fake no move, I take time to show and improve,
I make clever rhymes peaceful thesis like Jesus,
the east is back and rep the kids who spit for cheeses,
Thank God for the sun shine, I pick my pen and pad up,
pen moves on automatic on paper, my thoughts are no magic,
It is science, I am inspired by God guidance,
nobody can deny this, those who lack the real,
oppose, I rose from the shore, give me beat,
I will defeat your evil squadron, I rock like Sound Garden,
I know the streets, that is why I love home so much,
I zone and get rush from lines I bust, except for God,
I trust no one, neat lyricist pumps his fist,
strategic gifted kid comes with brag and boast rap,
I lead indeed with insights and the black Moses,
host this mic like a soul do your body,
rock the party with raw raps, it is all that,
I am out for props and soul claps, so relax!!!!

I return with more depth and take one step at a time,
got enough plans, the time seems the issue,
not out to diss rappers, I 'll be on plastic,
kicking the styles like Jet Li with the techniques I mastered,
I think and you think I am too fast with, dropping rhyme tactics,
the massive attraction is the beat to rhyme on, for ever I 'll
be strapped with tight poems, alright biter, here is a nice song,
go head and clone and get your party on, I 'll be thinking
about this and that, the mission is far deeper than your diplomatic,
chit chat, who is with that? you trick the poor with bread and water,
brainwash, and send them to the slaughter, they will be branded like heroes,
I get you mind into motion like a motor, the soldiers do not see the first quarter,


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