Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I am back at this, rhyming like a poetic addict,
writing down on paper the mad tactics,
bring more spirituals than a baptist,
your poor rituals of whack hits,
can not compete with the real kids,
who knows what the deals, I deal with,
the mics and beats in this life I,
got to succeed, It is all about getting
the rhymes across, while the tables spin,
my tales doper that trees you inhale,
forget fishscale, I spit way doper,
if you that you fail,

from the concrete jungle to desert land,
I came to spread the word like a Evangelist,
I got a whole list of topics to spit,
The gifted kid is ripping it and words are flipping,
why rappers are tripping and poison their people,
I can not sit back and watch how the man kind
designs his own destruction, got child soldiers
carrying guns and their brainwashed, my aim is
to let the people in power think about what I ink,
and link to facts we got to begin with implementing,
solutions, I am blending poetry in my lab I do the math,
the most people did not noticed me, I got soul like Otis b,
you wonder who the dopiest be, of course the Asiatic chosen one,


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