Friday, January 4, 2008

About six months ago I was writing about that I was freestyling off top the dome on my bike on my way to work. It made some progression in those months. I freestyle front of the mirror, in the bathroom and while I take my daily walk. My moms is like "are you talking to your self or something?" I am like "No ma I am freestyling".
Then I have to explain what that is. This off the dome freestyling is also know in the Sri Lankan culture. It not in for of rapping, but singing hymns about a certain topic. And they compete with each other. In hip hop we call it 'Battling'. In Sri Lanka they call it 'Hitiwana kawi'.

So when I explained too her she understood what I was doing. Anyway I can rhyme off top of my head for about few minutes, but I have still this tic that I repeat the word 'Yo' and 'Microphone'. I am hoping to get rid of those tics.

I am freestyling now while I am taking a walk, I got the instrumental of 'breathe' of Fabulous. This is a dope beat. It is really fun to do this, but I do not think I am ready to spit on a open mic. It might take awhile.


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