Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Freestyle flow and I hit you with more,
than just a bit, twice as raw this kid,
you need to admit who the props getter is,
better yet I am the unstoppable dope rhymer,
while others glorify guns, I show sons,
to make funds, no more crumb snatching,
my passion is writing dope lines,
the next mission I got my mind on,
is performing, make my self heard,
from Nagasaki to wyoming, I can not
sing just link with a kid, and think
what I am capable of, universal
scientist into this bizz, just listen,
this Asiatic Christian, manifesting
the wisdom to break out the mental prison,

Jewels of king Solomon, dropping this for,
those in thirst the most, the brag and boast,
more flavour than roasted mutton, I bring
nothing but dope flows, even the foes knows,
no body can't hold the man that jam with mic
in his hand,sqeezing text in a flex format,
a kid shine more than a Rollie on your wrist,
I am all that pop more rhymes Warren Buffet,
pops Coke cans, Quite tight frame of mind,
I never slow that, Out to flow stacks of pages,
I wrote, never lazy bro, the amazing soul repping,
Asia though.


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