Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I rip mics outta my dome, I am known to spit a hype poem
I am not your dumb ass cousin, I am busting more tracks ladies lusting,
than a main Mafioso who is armed, I come with,
lyrically a thick convo on the wax, than an elephant skin,
the colorful insights you never seen my friend,
I spend more than a decade writing rhymes,
I had a whole league of crab rappers biting my,
lines, the science of gods and the earths,
gave me birth, the Asiatic child, ensure to uplift you,
with the courage to strike back at those, who oppose,
the knowledge of my people, civilize the savage,
and make them think and ink the lines to wise up their cabbage,

Why these duplicates faking the Gods moves,
me and my brothers rule since the beginning,
the cream of the planet earth, the algebra,
for those who want to decipher, the guidance,
I am supplying jewels for those what I mean is,
food for thought, you have no clue how I make moves,
what the loops bought to your ear drums,
I am the lyrical original individual,
written you a dosage of pure and uncut,


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