Saturday, January 19, 2008

Since the early 1980's Biz Markie have been active in the hip hop scene. He is mostly known as a beatbox artist. Biz Markie has helped Marly Marl to establish Cold Chillin' Records.
MC Shan and Roxanne shante were the first act to sign to Cold Chillin'. On the underground of hit single Roxanne Shante released did Biz Markie the beat boxing. It was called 'Def fresh crew'.

Biz Markie released his debut album it was called 'Going off'. I think he is one of the talented rappers ever to influence the new rappers to come up with original rhymes. I think Biz Markie will remain a pioneer for ever. In 1989 Biz Markie released an album called 'The Biz never sleeps'.

In 1991 Biz Markie dropped the album 'I need a haircut'. Hip hop fans expected a lot from this album. The sales were quite disappointing. In 1993 Biz Markie dropped the album 'All samples cleared'. 'I need a haircut' is my favourite Biz Markie album.


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