Thursday, January 24, 2008

Peep my poem it is in a form of a line,
but is designed to display like Graphics,
I rap this with straight tactics,
I pack the dope stacks of mathematics,
the Asiatic kid is about to rock the nation,
my mission is far more deeper than paper chasing,
got the fiends basing the blazing phrases,
I am lacing, do not deny my props,
the way I rock is harder than a diamond,

I do not stop hops, I pitch texts on wax,
catch wreck I got next like Krs-One,
I do not play son, I came back to reign,
and maintain my skills, and I got bills,
to pay, Hey I got to flow like Fat Joe,
I bet though to put my hood on the map bro,
rap fast and slow, my task is to blast,
these fakers with a blow, peace out to
the originators like Native Tongues,


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