Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I know rhyme pays, That is why I lay text,
on wax like a foundation, the endangered specie,
from garden of Eden, in lead and defeat anyone,
compete with a kid who do not play ish,
so long the beats is on I rip the microphone,
on a hyper tone and I bet I wreck the show,
from day light till the mid night,
cats bite, I fight with ideas and originate,
the flavour for my fam to get the major paper,
all we got is us, until we turn into dust,
I must bust the rhymes ladies lust,
and brother think it is dope like dust,

Me getting out of touch is like,
Bill Gates running out of Bucks,
I bug freestyle rhymes which make sense,
I admit I come with lyrical top notch shit,
your bogus label can not be getting enough props kid,
I rock hits, got more control of my soul like a pilot,
in a cock pit, I got rid of bad habits,
not a passive lame one, I claim to be the true hip hop fan,
I am five foot something, not fronting or getting blunted,
for now I am done kid!!!!!


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