Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am not dissing no one, I got soul,
I write thoughts in a form of a rhyme,
poetry flowing and you not knowing,
how it is going down, I am not slowing down,
you wanna keep up with a kid that rip,
mics like a lion claw, got to watch the,
moves of my enemies, they can not originate,
like the kid with more styles than monk in a Shaolin temple,

Me I am quite gentle, fun your mental,
you wanna pay me like a rent do?
I rock the globe and your hood too,
I am the true one you only in for the money,
I get it done, and accomplish the mission,
I am on, there ain't enough stars for you to wish on,
the position I am in, so you diss on, hoping that I am gone,
soon I return with another poem, for your dome,
so maintain mellow, let the good fellow rhyme,
I got more shine than gold in fort knox,
I glow mentally, I make sense with rhymes like it ment to be.


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