Friday, January 25, 2008

I brag outta top of my dome,
known for getting my flow on,
in my zone it is all about the skills,
I fiend for cream and strike like a army,
the one man with massive soul,
the classic Mafioso, and glow,
like a street lamp, I do this for my peeps,
man, I watch them bite my lines and act tough,
when ever I bug poems, it would not stop, homes
I keep moving like the planets,
It is demanding a to be a dope rapper, I can slam it,
so for ever I will maintain and delete,
your fleet of clones gain in this game of rap,

Who serve the major flavour for you and your neighbours?
cook up the pot, smell the aroma?
the grammar on the beats and let it rotate,
I rep the kids who flow for cake,
we just do not take we make and spit hype,
when the beats break, rake up the props,
my mind on my rhymes, once a lost soul,
the one with the most brag and boast texts,
the most flex,I got more moves than a game of chess,


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