Friday, January 11, 2008

I got so much rhymes it is not about doing crimes,
or blowing nines, I am not out to sell mines,
although it is fine designed and I still got
these punk mcees on my mind while I drop this,
those are my inspiration, there is no relation,
between me and them, I drop flawless gems,
still blend the words like Chinese medicine,
I am in this to win and bring the vocals,
spread all over the global, the soulful
human being beyond the level the average
rapper is on, my poems flowing, you not knowing,
how it is going down.

I am heavily inspired by them clones making me tired,
rhymes are blown like guns fired, you are supplying
bullshit to the buyer, the liars desire to make that
fast cash talking that mad trash, it will never last,
I master the technique, I check the mic with rhyme speech,
use to break dance on the beach, my plans are advanced,
people are mistaking my pride for arrogance, man...,
what ever is clever I spit the relevance and bring the essence,
of hip hop love, peace and unity, the message I drop
gets props, knock rappers off the box.


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