Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ice cube can be seen as one of the best Gangsta rappers of all time he is one of the originators of Gangsta rap. He was one of the members of NWA. Legendary rap group from Los Angels to set trend. Ice cube is not only a rapper. He is also screen writer, actor, songwriter and film director.

In 1988 NWA released the track straight outta Compton. Ice Cube recorded his solo album Amerikkka's most wanted was released in 1990. He recorded his solo album with Da Lench Mob and the Bomb Squad. Ice Cube appeared later in the John Singleton's movie called 'Boyz in the Hood'. Later on he released the EP Kill At Will. In 1991 he dropped the album 'Death Certificate'. He was accused being anti-white, anti-Semitic and anti-female. Ice cube released the album the 'Preditor'. This album contains great hits such as 'Check your self' and 'it was a good day'. Later 1993 he dropped the album 'Lethal Injection'. In 1998 he released the album War & Peace.
War & Peace 2 was dropped in 2000.

I am a big fan of Cube. His early work is my favorite. Ice Cube has delivered some great movie work. His projects with West side connection got some great success amongst the hip hop fans.


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