Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Big Pun is one of the rappers with nicest flows. He can design a rhyme structure which is perfect. Big Pun first appeared on a track of Beatnuts it was called "off the books".

Big Pun died at a age of 28. He was the first Latino rapper to sell over one million records. In the eighties he began writing rhymes and formed the crew Full a clips crew with triple Seize and Prospect. At that time Big Pun was called Big Moon Dog.
Later in 1995 Big Pun met Fat Joe and did his debut on the record of Fat Joe. Big pun came with lots of hits such as 'Still not a player'. He was the first Latin rapper to go platinum. In 1998 he dropped the album Capital Punishment.

He dropped the second album called 'Yeaaah Baby'. He completed this album before his death. There after a greatest hits album was released. It was called 'Endangered Spieces'. There were two documentaries released of Big Pun. The first one was called 'Still not a player' the second one was called 'Big Pun: The legacy.


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