Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Told you before, I hold more weapons than an army,
my thoughts are design to bomb you with beats,
I am clam strike you with rhymes on the beats,
my hustle is rhymes and rhymes are my hustle,
for some reasons I do not rhyme about the streets,
there are too much beef for you to chew,
I suggest you take a rest and let the best deal,
with it, I hit kids with poems and wake them up,
outta they dream and make them scheme for more cream,
you know what I mean?

I am not saying nothing if you do not know?
who got more flows to throw and come raw deal,
you will never know who I am, the man with advanced plans,
alright,I rhyme tight and flow for dough,
leave the mic smoking like a cigarette,
I am a big kid not the biggest yet,
I do not sweat that so long my raps are on wax,
my fam strike back, the supreme order on tracks,
I wrote you some facts, now it is time for me to get on the next.


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