Sunday, January 6, 2008

I ensure to speak the truth, the pure lyrical,
miracle, tear the off the booth, smooth on loops,
The Asiatic child the wildest, dig me like
a needle into a groove, the vocals on wax is the prove,
sometimes I am rude, but ehh... most of times I design,
rhymes not to hurt no one, so unwind your mind,
while I shine a ray of light to ignite,
your thought of doom, I fought with sceptic thoughts,
of fools, I won and no one can rule this kids mind,
for those who have been blind, I will supply you sight,
just keep on reading this poem alright,

Let the one and two spin, the state-of-mind I am in,
is the first step towards the victory, I will win,
I begin to provide the dopiest lines, if you deny
that real hip hop kids can not make a change,
change for better, I do not need a Polo sweater,
I dress in black and get on stage, I express my rage,
One day these rhymes will get a wage, This page,
will flow, I am ill, I show and Improve,
I am real, I make moves, rocking the microphone,
on a smooth loop,


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