Wednesday, January 9, 2008

While others act complex with simplistic raps,
I simply confess I am distinguished with linguistic on wax,
let others exaggerate, more accurate and realistically,
raps makes your whole persona vapourate, my grammar,
weighs tons, the sentence are stronger than rum,
This is my journal, I will break down the chronicle,
my raps are objective articles, no object can ambush me,
I am free to write dope rhymes, don't you agree?
the true breed, feed your mind with the art,
that comes from the heart, word!!!

I am inspired and spit fire my desire to take you higher,
than a satellite, the bright ideas came from the mind,
raised in Asia, wreck with techniques and set it off,
with nothing soft, I remain the hope for my people,
stimulate and motivate it is never too late,
to drop the thoughts I wrote on a plastic plate,
out for props it is all about clout,
not that cash route hardcore like Mash Out Posse,
I got class and last to be the first,
while the guns burst, I come with the truth,
for those thirst for knowledge, the merciful,
wrote a jewel to supply sight to the fool,


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