Monday, June 30, 2008

I know there are people who do not recognize rap music as a music genre. This is top notch bogus if you ask me. Rap music is the most revolutionary music genre there is even punk musicians with their out-of-the-box thinking mind state, could not get the point across like the rappers.

Rap music is great, because we can use the freedom of speech to get our point across and the rappers can explain their opinion through poetry why they agree with something or why they do not. I think today’s youth can not afford to skip rap music as part of the hip hop culture. If you want to call your self a cultivated music lover than having knowledge of all kinds of music is needed. This ain't me I rather call my self master of one trade and I would avoid to the other music genres to become the cultivated hip hop fan, rather then loving other kinds of music. Why I think rap music is a necessity for today’s youth is it contains a source of entertainment, but also a source of education, enlightment, truth, lies, emotion and basically all the facts if you dealing with live.
There are some rappers coming with clich├ęs, but there are rappers who can rap a story, how the things are nowadays and what needs to be done to reach a better state of mind or better social situation for the people. Rap music deals with ideologies. There are rappers who come with new ideas for the change of the people. Why it is important to deal with equality and peace and love. Rap music is needed to let the world to know what the people in the ghettos are going through, why the things are the way they are right now, hip hop is a culture and rap music is the voice of the ghetto youth let the world know what have to be done to change the ghetto kids future for better.

Rap music seems to be a way to get money, but this is really hard work and need dedication to reach a level to offer a source of information plus entertainment to the people. I am fan of lots of hip hop sub genres. I am not only listening to the positive messages, but also to the negative messages, why these rappers are expressing this kinds of messages. The song of 50 cent 'Many Men' explains it all why rappers are in danger. This can be a cause for some rappers to be negative.



Saturday, June 28, 2008

He was one of the founders of the all time favorite hip hop group NWA. This group set trend in the hip hop game. They are icons and Ice Cube was one of them. He is born as O'shea Jackson and he took the stage name as Ice Cube. He is an American rapper and an actor. In 1992 he converted to Islam.

He had a great solo career, I think the album the Predator was the greatest album he made. This album remains a personal classic for me. The track 'really doe' is a trademark in the west coast rap music. The solo career of Ice Cube is dynamic and this rapper recorded his first solo career in New York along with the Lench Mob and the Public Enemy's production team. This album contributes to hip hop music to become a mainstream genre. This year he also released the EP 'Kill at Will'. This EP went gold and platinum.

Check more about Ice Cube's solo career here.



Friday, June 27, 2008

This rapper is an old school figure, but I even can not understand his reaction against the diss track of CanIbus. His reaction to his diss track was not that impressive. I think he is mostly kicking sentimental stuff. Although he knew to get dope guest appearance on the track 'I shot ya'. This track is a true classic. The beat is produced by track masters and it is dope.

The line what LL Cool J kicks "I make hot for you b***es, female rappers too, I do not give a F##k boo. This line is funny and original. Prodigy is rapping dope on this track. LL Cool J is an icon in the rap game and he recently came out with is 13th album and this is impressive. He seems not to grow old.

He had beef with couple of rappers like Ice-T, Jay-Z and more others, those seems not to react like CanIbus. I think even a young rapper like CanIbus can battle a giant like LL Cool J. Although it is not fair, LL Cool J is not a common battle rapper, but he is rapping mostly for the ladies. Around ninety eight this was Jay-Z Vs Nas kind of thing. Although, CanIbus never made it that big as those rappers.



Thursday, June 26, 2008

The goon coming, creeping like a thief under the full moon,
soon as I find a tune to kick my lines and keep the crowd moving,
like a witch on a broom, the fly stuff I come with,
soon as my shoes touch the stage, no one can bring me down,
I bust my pages on stages for wages,
free styles fanatic at this, get the job done,
get your dome nodding, don, my interest in cents make more sense,
than bragging about the next man's benz, I focus my vocals like a lens,
give you a better vision than, television, I blend words like herbs,
paint a picture of my position that you wishing, keep dissing!!!!
I speak wisdom in ancient tongues, the live flavor lacer,
I can make the peeps taste it son.!!!!



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Earth is a beautiful place, I think am fortunate to be born and live on the earth. I was checking out a south Indian movie, I do not understand the language nor speak it. I think foreign movies are fascinating, because the variety of the people. These south Indian movies are full of drama, I think these people are not so appreciating how the world turns. These movies paint a vivid picture about the poverty.

The social matters in the Indian cast system is still a major issue. Sometime I think even racism originates from India. The fairer your skin to a higher cast you belong. There are still people in India, who can not get a proper job, although they are qualified and have diplomas because of their background or cast. I think the Bollywood doesn't shows these kind of poverty like the south Indian films. These movies only show how northern Indians of upper class are living large. Although I am happy to see, that there are Indians doing so great, but the movies of south India does not show this much wealth as the northern ones in the movies. The south Indians remind me of the ghetto people of united states of America. Although they live in the largest economic country of the earth and they have plenty of chances to reach wealth, this process seems to be slowed down by racism, drugs, violence and plenty of more issues.

Anyway I think India is a great country with a rich cultural history and these people got a great talent when it comes to making music and dancing. I red that they pray to the godess of music, before they start to practice and play the instruments. Not link rock artist breaking their guitar on the stage.



Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The brag and boater, punk rapper roaster,
got you feening, for the tough raps I am phrasing,
The brown skin Asiatic kid be aiming, and not naming,
and not just claiming, I dig chicks like a needle in to a groove eh....
who the truest is since Christ?
I am out to rip mics and get props,
I rock like diamond, ain't no denying man,
rappers are vaginal like clams, my plans advanced,
mad euphoric and psych you like you are entrance,
get gone clone, my poems flow off the dome,
my lines longer than your nose don,
I am crook, and not your brother,
Only a army with automatic weapons can make a shook one,
ain't no other can claim my spot, you might turn and toss,
your tongue on rum, I'd rather get props and not crumbs,
to you sellouts I got enough clout,



I phrase mathematics, linguistic rhythmics the wiz kid is at this,
the gifted lines I spit, I hit your ear drums, with flows,
you can not slow me down like slug, I bug and drop free styles,
in mean while sit back child and check this rap kids profile,
never wild, I watch my poems stack up, I never lack,
I pack dope lines like narc, you bark loud,
I doubt everything you are about,
You might stand in my route, with a shiny grill in your mouth,
Even the willies's chicks feel me when bust my philly,
beneath the Venus hill, the Meangreen the real,
known to deal a phrase that blaze your hone's,
lips like chilly, you wonder is he for really the illest?
call me the icy flame I scorch you with till you chill,



Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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I recently got a comment from a visitor saying that sampling prevents originality. It might be true. What I find about sampling is that the essence of rap music originates from the other black music streams. This sampling can bring that essence back through buying a sample from the artists like James Brown or Sam Cook. Any other black artist. Who made history with their music.

Buying samples from these artists can be quite expensive, the Cypress Hill 'black Sunday' album costs the half of the profits to buy samples. I personally think sampling can not harm the originality, but I think it can prevent the hip hop music streams from expanding, if everybody would make east coast rap styles of beats, even the kids from Miami that surely can harm the originality. But it would be better to make the hip hop music streams elevate to the next sub genre of the hip hop culture. So there would be more hip hop artists can come with new rhyme styles and expand borders.

It happens all the time whenever new artists come out, but only the styles of the rap artists are different, but the stream of rap music is hardly changing. This changes when a whole bunch of artists starts to do the same and start rule an era. Such as the 'Thug life' era of Tupac or the 'pretty boy style' of rappers from QueensBridge N.Y. These rappers set trend or rather manifest that they rule a certain era in the rap music.



Sunday, June 15, 2008

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

These three keywords are the main keywords of the hip hop culture. I think love is the most important one, whenever there is love is there is space for anything positive. I think love is needed to succeed. If there is love for the hip hop fan, the rappers will dedicate their heart and the soul to these people rappers will put blood, sweat and tears to deliver the best for the hip hop fans. I think if you got love for something, then the creativity, originality, dedication and devotion will flow out. When it comes to making rap music these things are inevitable.

Where ever there is love there will be peace, and peace is needed to maintain order and gain prosperity to any community or society. This part is the toughest part in the hip hop culture to gain. We are not that passive the hip hop fans or the rappers. We are constantly challenging each other in lyrical format or musical format to be the best. Peace is hard to gain in the hip hop community, because there is lots of friction between rappers. In freestyle battles there are fist fights and even worse. If you are a freestyle battler you got to be patient with the other rapper, who you are battling. Most freestyle rappers curse, this is surly is a weakness. I think being original with metaphors and punch lines are the best, bragging about how much your baggy pants costs, or much your diamond ring cost, how much your car is worth does not have anything to offer to the listeners. Even these rappers on a record claiming they are rich and how many women they got or how many guns they bust has nothing for me either. If they are not coming with original punchlines and rhymes. They do not deserve to eat. I feel like most rappers are making records and they do not know what rap is about. They are off course.

If there is peace there can be unity, there is no unity in rap music, because the mainstream rap music is the most violent music genre there is. These rappers making babies they not even take care of. They accept the government to take care for their babies. This is not the Utopia where we living in. These kids listen to the damn glories about these rappers are bragging about and like to do the same and some rappers claim that these kids have to sling crack to be alive. Like they do not go no other choice. I think only in the underground rap scene there is unity. These rappers are only making crumbs, comparing to mainstream rappers. Do not accept me to feed the world with non sense about how much guns I hold or pop. Let there parents take the responsibility and show them the right path. I feel like the mainstream rappers are some kinds of collectors for their favorite bank. Most people that buy the rap music are kids of the middle class people, these kids got to live up to the trends these fake rap industry set. Rap music is a culture. Don't you wonder why they call it an industry?



Friday, June 13, 2008

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

This era of the rap music is the most influential time of the hip hop music. If you Miss the early old school rap then this a documentry you a must see. This time was all about 'do not believe the hype and burn Hollywood burn'. During these times are the most rebellion rappers are born and groups like Public Enemy, Ice T and NWA were the ones who were dominating the charts. These rappers gained major attention both the east and west coast were coming up and mainly west coast was dominating thanks to the G-Funk formula, which made a broad audience to enter the world of hip hop music.

I was into west coast raps, because I got a tape from a classmate this was the only rap music I knew and I really didn't knew anything about the origin of rap music or the hip hop culture. I felt great having jerry curls in the summer and rocking a army suits in the winter. I felt like I am part of something great, which is rap music. Later on I got in touch with kids, who were more into rap music from the old school and they introduced me to more depths and insightful rap music, which contains more lyrical quality and less melodic, sometimes depressive, but rap music more closer to the roots of the hip hop culture. I learn to understand that there are fun parts of the rap game. And that rap music is about unity and equality. There were rappers like Grand Puba, Kool G Rap and Rakim who dropped a wise guy raps with wisdom to enlighten the sleepers. What I like the most about Rakim's music is that he is out to bless the mic with knowledge and rappers like Kool G Rap was dropping more hardcore raps with street poetry. The more black power stuff was kicked by the Brand Nubian. Along with Sadat X and the rest of the crew Grand Puba dropped crazy hot joints like 'God's must be crazy'.

This is around late eighties to the mid nineties, these rappers remain my idols therefore, they should get statues in the world capitals for setting trends and keeping up the tradition of the Afrika Bambata and Grand Master flash and the furious five. This hip hop culture is not just a sub-culture any more, but big mainstream art form. Even the R&B and what? even country acts like Texas has done songs with Method Man, not this types of collabos add much value to the hip hop culture, but sure does add value to the pop culture and this types of collaborations shows that hip hop music is becoming a part of the pop culture. That is important, I heard some people say keep hip hop music underground. There is still a stream of rap music, which is underground and only those, who seek for it will find it, but I am glad that rap music is major this is great way to eat for the kids, who put their heart and soul into making music which is accessible for a wide audience.



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I think young HOVE is one of the nicest rappers of all time, because he has sold more albums than anyone else in the rap game. He has achieved the most commercial success than any other rapper. He went from rags to riches. From being a hustler to becoming the most successful rapper rapper of all time is quite a accomplishment. Every ghetto child's dream is achieved by him.

For me he remains a great source of inspiration. He can write rhymes in hieroglyphic graffiti form. To understand what he is kicking is not simple. He started the hip hop label called Roc-a-fella records with Damon Dash and Kareem Burke Biggs. They came quite a long way being independent to becoming major with their own label. This is the most challenging part of the hip hop game. Rather being a slave to the major labels than they started to carry their cross and fight the commercial labels that sucks blood from the original artists like Jay-Z. Jay-Z made a big hit called 'Big Pimpin' along with Bun B he made a great song, which was shot on a yacht with pretty women surround him.
This song contains a loop from a flute, this loop is mesmerizing. He started the clothing line called Rocawear. This is a multi million dollar company. He stepped off as the president of Def Jam after an issue about money.

The album Reasonable Doubt was released in 1996 this grabbed the attention from all over the world, hip hop world was in hype after hearing this album and everybody was holding their breath about what is yet to come from this new kid from Brooklyn. All the hip hop critics was amazed that once again Brooklyn was getting fame after Biggie. They felt like somebody is coming to take Biggie's spot. This was not the case. This guy was more lyrical even the deepest underground hip hop fans could not get around without acknowledging what this rapper Jay-Z about to do to the hip hop game. After being a protege of Jaz-O he gained some minor attention with the song 'Hawaiian Sophie'. In 1997 he came with the album called In my lifetime Vol.1
In 1998 he dropped the album Vol.2...Hard Knock Life. There after every year he dropped an album till 2007. The latest album is called American Gangster.



Monday, June 9, 2008

Really, I am impressed by this track ‘9 elements’ KRS-ONE, why? once again he is breaking down the elements of the hip hop culture. This is quite vivid. He is making a point with this song. He has been making this statement for years. That "hip hop is something you live". This statement goes in the hip hop history.

He also says that crack dealing is not what hip hop is about. That crack dealers happen to be rappers. Not all the rappers are crack dealers. This what the media is projecting. In another song he states that no matter you are a pimp, hustler or a player, that you must be a dope rhyme sayer. I think most rappers nowadays are more of a pimp hustler or a player, than a dope rhyme sayer. Rapping is something we do and hip hop is something we live. I think there are many rappers playing a role of a gangster and not representing the true essence of the hip hop culture. What I think Tha teacha is about is the truth and the true flavor of the underground. He set standard for new comers in the underground hip hop genre to be a live MC. I think if anyone who do not know about KRS-ONE need to go back and take some history lesson of the hip hop culture. This guy is like a elephant in the room, when it comes to rap music. Even the major rappers of nowadays like Cam’ron and AZ are influenced by KRS-ONE and there is no mentioning DJ Premier without KRS-ONE. All the tight productions from DJ Premier is wrecked by KRS-ONE. The song RappaZ 'Rn Danja is one heck of a classic. With the sample of O.C. KRS-ONE drops statements on this track. I think the modern slave is not the middle class working people, modern slaves are the poppy rappers, who rather sell their soul to the record label and play a role written by a scenario writer, straight Hollywood stuff.

I think it is great that KRS-ONE have hooked up with the Queens vet Marly Marl for his new joint, "Hip hop lives". Although rapper Nas claim stuff the different way. Claiming "Hip Hop is dead". I think there is no life without death. About 20 years after the beef between Marly Marl and KRS-ONE is ended, they have hooked up to let the hip hop community know that true unity is not much of a dream. That beef was way before my time and I was learning to break dance at that time. The song 'Bridge is over' remains a classic. The beat of "Hip hop lives" is great the piano loop is hypnotic and KRS-ONE is moving the hip hop movement. KRS-ONE breaks down what rappers are writing about in their raps such as intelligence, ignorance, anger, poverty and raising awareness and more of the other items we are dealing with. And also emotions and other social issues we are dealing with. This track is great and I can say "Hip Hop Lives".



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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Around 1998 I saw this movie called 'Good Will Hunting'. This is one of the greatest movies Matt Damon and Robin Williams played a part in. I can relate to this young chap Will. The main fact is that he is not feeling too good do any job he gets his hands on.
He worked at a school as a cleaner. Most people would not do this because it is way below their level.

When I was trying to get my vocational diploma I also did cleaning jobs at a factory. This made me feel real good. I felt like I have to do this, because I did not have the qualifications for to work as a labourer in that factory. It was few hours on Saturday. The rest of my Saturday I worked as a sales man in record shop. I can not say that selling is much fun as cleaning. I still think cleaning is one of the fun jobs there is. I think the relationship between being a hip hop fan and getting paid with cleaning is that, there is always some rappers challenge you to be successful. I think road to success is based on steps, one of the first and fun steps are cleaning. I think the moral of this movie is having a certain challenge to get to where you want to be. A humble kid is never feeling such things as too much pride to do the jobs that other people are feeling too good for. In the year of 2000 I worked as a sales man in the supermarket. The most people who comes to do shopping are the middle class working people. Once I got fired, because the snitching boss found that I was not communicating sufficiently with the colleagues. And once he started to brag about he was in the army. "I said it must be in the Salvation Army". This was what ditched me. After I got fired, I was glad to get a job as a cleaner. The stuff I sold to those people at the super market must be cleaned up. Ha ha, ha!!!!!

Once again I was a cleaner. This was a huge truck factory called Scania. I had mad fun doing this job. I pulled up in a Pepsi blue Honda to my work. I worked like a slave and drove to my home like a high roller like Nino Brown smoking a cigarette and pumping LOX and N.O.R.E. This is how much I can relate to the actor Matt Damon in this movie. The rest of his roll being this wonder child is quite amazing I wish I had such of knowledge of maths and physics. I am kind of jealous, why he is not using the opportunity to work for NSA. He has a good excuses based on facts, that actual could happen. I think those aren’t no facts those are more of hypothetic statements. There are only few wiz kids on this earth who are gifted like that. Me personally, I never could understand nothing of maths.

There was a good joke this actress made movie in this movie. It is the joke about the old couple. This reminds me of the rhyme of Nas on the ‘It Was Written’ album. You freak N***az played out, Got F**ed and ate out. This movie is a classic. If you like to check this movie out it is called Good Will Hunting. Click here to go to the site and watch it for free.



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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nineties hip hop is my favorite, I think this is because of the fact that the west coast gangsta rap influence was getting into rappers from the east coast. This is major era for the east cost rappers. Rappers like Nas, AZ set trend and influenced lots of rappers.

I think even the gangsta rap was not born in the west coast. It was born in the east. Rappers like Rakim and Big Daddy Kane were one of the first rappers to rep gangsta style . Although they could not make it major as the rappers form the west coast. Rappers like Ice Cube, Ice T and NWA were the most major gangsta rappers from the west coast.
They were influenced by rappers like Kool G rap and Rakim. They were rapping what is going in the streets and what you got to do to survive in the concrete jungle. Then came rappers TuPac and Biggie Smalls. Who started a complete war between east and west. This was the sickest era of the whole rap history. I wrote my high school essay in 1996 about this matter. I was objective and loved the beef. This war was doing the sales increase of gangsta rap. I think rap music from the east is less melodic and contains more essence of soul, jazz and other black music streams. This is why I think east coats rap music has more cultural value than the west cost rap music. On the other hand I can say west coast rap is more new and more accessible for a broader audience. West coast music contains more melodic samples and it is reps the sunshine state California. What I miss is the spiritual essence of rap music in the west cost rap music. It is more about the gangsta life style and has less elevating factors. Rap group Wu-Tang Clan is a good example of east coast rap that contains great factors of elevating and gangsta rap music.

If I have to choose than I would listen to rap music from the east coast than west coast.



Friday, June 6, 2008

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I red on a blog that rap duo Kidz in the hall, who are signed to Rawkus label is supporting Obama. These rappers need to wake up and focus on keeping the hip hop fans satisfied. The American dream is a nightmare for the most people of color. If there is any one successful man of color doing business, people thinks that there is a crime behind these peoples fortune.

I think these Kidz in the hall are still really kids, they are naive and there thought are immature. These ideals to see a black president is only possible in Africa. Supporting Obama is like carrying water to the sea, If all the people of color would support Obama would not even help. After 400 of years of slavery, black people in the States made some progression getting a man of color nominated. It takes another 400 years to see a black president get elected. I am not seeing this with in my Chrystal ball or what ever. I only can say that only some men of color would support Obama, the women would rather Hillary especially the black women, because they see their strength in Hillary Clinton and they would rather vote on Hillary , because she is a female. As a Hip Hop fan, I grew up with whole other ideas, which is not to judge someone by their color of the skin or any other exposure, but there qualities. I think Obama is not representing the qualities of a leader. I think this man is not that outgoing and too introvert and shows less charisma, then Hillary. The tone of his voice does not shows that much character.
I think he does not know the struggle of the ghetto kids from states, born on hawaii and growing up in Jakarta might cause him a utopia complex. He is thinking to turn this hell we are into a paradise. I can say it only remain a thought and a illusive ideology. For the black people who are supporting him, because of his skin color is quite whack. They need to go and rethink his qualities not his skin color, but the social background can say whole lot about a man than his skin color. If a actor like Ronald Reagan can get elected as a president, then a white rapper should be the next president. Really how silly is it to vote for a ex-actor to lead the all mighty economic country of the globe. Obama wake up and do the right thing and go lead Kenia.

I hope this is not that much of political criticism, I do not know a thing about politics. I am a hip hop fan. I make fun out of politicians. I am a damn good judge of character and if I was a American I would not vote for Obama, because he does not qualify for the presidential leadership.



Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I feel like Samson the biblical figure. I had a great proportion of hair. This was the most nicest thing about me. This made me stand out from other people around me. Some people were crazy jealous of my hair. They constantly want to touch it. Since I started to loose my hair, my whole self-esteem is zero. I feel ugly and I do not dare to take my cap off. This is how much my hair means to me. I can not imagine that there are people walking around without a cap, who are bold.

This problem runs in my mothers' side of the family. My uncle is also bold, that is why he is always wearing a cap, and my mother' uncle is also bold. I never saw him wear a cap though. I think it is great that micro technology is advanced, which can help people with boldness with restoring their self esteem. Since I lost my hair I can not do anything fun such as going to the club or what ever, because they do not allow caps to be worn inside of the club. In that way I lost all my powers like Samson.
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Are you a rapper dreaming about how to get your rap career started, stop dreaming, make your dreams reality. The best is start practicing , practice hard then you will become a good critic of your own talents. Do not compare your self to any other rapper out right now. You may be inspired by the talent these rappers got.

Create a rhyme style of your own, become a master in the style you got. I have been rhyme styles of my own. I found that I was most influenced by rapper Phife from. A Tribe called Quest. I think this rapper looks like and sound like my oldest cousin. This rapper got the most witty and the basic rap style ever created. As a originator of the east coast rap music. He forever put a trademark and he can claim king of the east coast rap music. I took his raps as a inspiration found out that I can come up with rap style, which contains more metaphors of rawer nature. The rhymes I write on this blog is just experimental and blueprint to rap style I want to create. I feel that I am not there yet to practice with it. I know I can not say that all the rappers are inspired by Phife, one of the rappers I am most certain about, who is inspired by Phife is N.O.R.E. Maybe they are from the same hood.

Rap music's is original foundation is represent by Phife, why he can make people laugh and he represent the whole Zulu Nation vibe to the fullest. Respect to Phife from A Tribe Called Quest.



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Monday, June 2, 2008

I come with a ill raps, make you collapse of the map,
after a stack, stack of beats and vocals to get props,
I am straped with rhymes and all that, no time to fall back,
a kid got mind on a gold plaque, It is so phat like Biggie,
stick into your ear drums like my name is Jigga, mad Jiggy,
the real deal, the realer than the realest, providing you,
what you feel kid!!! dope rhyme patterns, my natural high,
got me sky rocketing like buildings in Manhattan,
not betting like bunch of Gambinos, kid with the low pro-
file got more deadly raps than teeth on a crocodile,
the ill lyrical, pal, sling more grammar than a Palestine,
I shine a certified glow, you must of notified bro,
I stand alone and snatch your thrown like a head of a prawn,
a cold rush get your higher than ice, the Angelic nappy head,
a crook next to Christ,

the digital scroll of cultural rituals, the rhythmic spiritual,
the hip hop fanatic at this wizardry, let the gifted kid rip,
the proper dosage, doper than the *ish you snorting,
for fun I am quoting, the linguist, who sling the recipe,
for more flavor, watch my lines rise up from dough to a cookie,
ain't no cream comes between my fam like cream of a Orea,
for real YO!!!!, I appeal that I am the raw deal,
the crown holder, the soldier, with a steady aim,
my path is blood stained, the blood of the lamb, rule with math,
pain is for the laim, rappers are artificial like a mainframe,
What I gain is green,



Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jeru is known for his work with DJ Premier and GURU from Gangstarr. He also did tracks with Group Home. The birth name of Jeru is Kendrick Jeru Davis. This rapper is from Brooklyn and gained lots of fame from the underground audience, he received lots of good critics from the underground peeps for his debut album.

He spend his early life in East New York, in the borough of Brooklyn. As a young kid he started to rhyme on block parties in Brooklyn to get his name known. He showed the on the track "I am the Man" he showed who the man is when it comes to rhyming dope. This track was featured on the album of Gangstarr called Daily Operation. The next year he dropped the hit single called "Come clean" which was produced by DJ Premier. This track was an underground hit. Jeru the Damaja came with a solo albumin 1994, this album was completely produced by DJ Premier, this album remains a hip hop classic. There was some beef going on between the Fugees and Jeru The Damaja, because Pras of Fugees mentioned on a track that Jeru was an false prophet. In 1996 Jeru came with a new album called 'Wrath of the Math'. I can remember that there was a sample used on one of the tracks, which was also used on the first Mobb Deep of album.

The third album was without the productions of DJ Premier, despite of that fact it was
critically acclaimed. The third album was called HEROS4HIRE


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