Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nineties hip hop is my favorite, I think this is because of the fact that the west coast gangsta rap influence was getting into rappers from the east coast. This is major era for the east cost rappers. Rappers like Nas, AZ set trend and influenced lots of rappers.

I think even the gangsta rap was not born in the west coast. It was born in the east. Rappers like Rakim and Big Daddy Kane were one of the first rappers to rep gangsta style . Although they could not make it major as the rappers form the west coast. Rappers like Ice Cube, Ice T and NWA were the most major gangsta rappers from the west coast.
They were influenced by rappers like Kool G rap and Rakim. They were rapping what is going in the streets and what you got to do to survive in the concrete jungle. Then came rappers TuPac and Biggie Smalls. Who started a complete war between east and west. This was the sickest era of the whole rap history. I wrote my high school essay in 1996 about this matter. I was objective and loved the beef. This war was doing the sales increase of gangsta rap. I think rap music from the east is less melodic and contains more essence of soul, jazz and other black music streams. This is why I think east coats rap music has more cultural value than the west cost rap music. On the other hand I can say west coast rap is more new and more accessible for a broader audience. West coast music contains more melodic samples and it is reps the sunshine state California. What I miss is the spiritual essence of rap music in the west cost rap music. It is more about the gangsta life style and has less elevating factors. Rap group Wu-Tang Clan is a good example of east coast rap that contains great factors of elevating and gangsta rap music.

If I have to choose than I would listen to rap music from the east coast than west coast.


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