Friday, June 27, 2008

This rapper is an old school figure, but I even can not understand his reaction against the diss track of CanIbus. His reaction to his diss track was not that impressive. I think he is mostly kicking sentimental stuff. Although he knew to get dope guest appearance on the track 'I shot ya'. This track is a true classic. The beat is produced by track masters and it is dope.

The line what LL Cool J kicks "I make hot for you b***es, female rappers too, I do not give a F##k boo. This line is funny and original. Prodigy is rapping dope on this track. LL Cool J is an icon in the rap game and he recently came out with is 13th album and this is impressive. He seems not to grow old.

He had beef with couple of rappers like Ice-T, Jay-Z and more others, those seems not to react like CanIbus. I think even a young rapper like CanIbus can battle a giant like LL Cool J. Although it is not fair, LL Cool J is not a common battle rapper, but he is rapping mostly for the ladies. Around ninety eight this was Jay-Z Vs Nas kind of thing. Although, CanIbus never made it that big as those rappers.


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