Monday, June 30, 2008

I know there are people who do not recognize rap music as a music genre. This is top notch bogus if you ask me. Rap music is the most revolutionary music genre there is even punk musicians with their out-of-the-box thinking mind state, could not get the point across like the rappers.

Rap music is great, because we can use the freedom of speech to get our point across and the rappers can explain their opinion through poetry why they agree with something or why they do not. I think today’s youth can not afford to skip rap music as part of the hip hop culture. If you want to call your self a cultivated music lover than having knowledge of all kinds of music is needed. This ain't me I rather call my self master of one trade and I would avoid to the other music genres to become the cultivated hip hop fan, rather then loving other kinds of music. Why I think rap music is a necessity for today’s youth is it contains a source of entertainment, but also a source of education, enlightment, truth, lies, emotion and basically all the facts if you dealing with live.
There are some rappers coming with clich├ęs, but there are rappers who can rap a story, how the things are nowadays and what needs to be done to reach a better state of mind or better social situation for the people. Rap music deals with ideologies. There are rappers who come with new ideas for the change of the people. Why it is important to deal with equality and peace and love. Rap music is needed to let the world to know what the people in the ghettos are going through, why the things are the way they are right now, hip hop is a culture and rap music is the voice of the ghetto youth let the world know what have to be done to change the ghetto kids future for better.

Rap music seems to be a way to get money, but this is really hard work and need dedication to reach a level to offer a source of information plus entertainment to the people. I am fan of lots of hip hop sub genres. I am not only listening to the positive messages, but also to the negative messages, why these rappers are expressing this kinds of messages. The song of 50 cent 'Many Men' explains it all why rappers are in danger. This can be a cause for some rappers to be negative.


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