Thursday, June 26, 2008

The goon coming, creeping like a thief under the full moon,
soon as I find a tune to kick my lines and keep the crowd moving,
like a witch on a broom, the fly stuff I come with,
soon as my shoes touch the stage, no one can bring me down,
I bust my pages on stages for wages,
free styles fanatic at this, get the job done,
get your dome nodding, don, my interest in cents make more sense,
than bragging about the next man's benz, I focus my vocals like a lens,
give you a better vision than, television, I blend words like herbs,
paint a picture of my position that you wishing, keep dissing!!!!
I speak wisdom in ancient tongues, the live flavor lacer,
I can make the peeps taste it son.!!!!


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About This Blog

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