Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I recently got a comment from a visitor saying that sampling prevents originality. It might be true. What I find about sampling is that the essence of rap music originates from the other black music streams. This sampling can bring that essence back through buying a sample from the artists like James Brown or Sam Cook. Any other black artist. Who made history with their music.

Buying samples from these artists can be quite expensive, the Cypress Hill 'black Sunday' album costs the half of the profits to buy samples. I personally think sampling can not harm the originality, but I think it can prevent the hip hop music streams from expanding, if everybody would make east coast rap styles of beats, even the kids from Miami that surely can harm the originality. But it would be better to make the hip hop music streams elevate to the next sub genre of the hip hop culture. So there would be more hip hop artists can come with new rhyme styles and expand borders.

It happens all the time whenever new artists come out, but only the styles of the rap artists are different, but the stream of rap music is hardly changing. This changes when a whole bunch of artists starts to do the same and start rule an era. Such as the 'Thug life' era of Tupac or the 'pretty boy style' of rappers from QueensBridge N.Y. These rappers set trend or rather manifest that they rule a certain era in the rap music.


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