Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Are you a rapper dreaming about how to get your rap career started, stop dreaming, make your dreams reality. The best is start practicing , practice hard then you will become a good critic of your own talents. Do not compare your self to any other rapper out right now. You may be inspired by the talent these rappers got.

Create a rhyme style of your own, become a master in the style you got. I have been rhyme styles of my own. I found that I was most influenced by rapper Phife from. A Tribe called Quest. I think this rapper looks like and sound like my oldest cousin. This rapper got the most witty and the basic rap style ever created. As a originator of the east coast rap music. He forever put a trademark and he can claim king of the east coast rap music. I took his raps as a inspiration found out that I can come up with rap style, which contains more metaphors of rawer nature. The rhymes I write on this blog is just experimental and blueprint to rap style I want to create. I feel that I am not there yet to practice with it. I know I can not say that all the rappers are inspired by Phife, one of the rappers I am most certain about, who is inspired by Phife is N.O.R.E. Maybe they are from the same hood.

Rap music's is original foundation is represent by Phife, why he can make people laugh and he represent the whole Zulu Nation vibe to the fullest. Respect to Phife from A Tribe Called Quest.


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