Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I feel like Samson the biblical figure. I had a great proportion of hair. This was the most nicest thing about me. This made me stand out from other people around me. Some people were crazy jealous of my hair. They constantly want to touch it. Since I started to loose my hair, my whole self-esteem is zero. I feel ugly and I do not dare to take my cap off. This is how much my hair means to me. I can not imagine that there are people walking around without a cap, who are bold.

This problem runs in my mothers' side of the family. My uncle is also bold, that is why he is always wearing a cap, and my mother' uncle is also bold. I never saw him wear a cap though. I think it is great that micro technology is advanced, which can help people with boldness with restoring their self esteem. Since I lost my hair I can not do anything fun such as going to the club or what ever, because they do not allow caps to be worn inside of the club. In that way I lost all my powers like Samson.
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