Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I think young HOVE is one of the nicest rappers of all time, because he has sold more albums than anyone else in the rap game. He has achieved the most commercial success than any other rapper. He went from rags to riches. From being a hustler to becoming the most successful rapper rapper of all time is quite a accomplishment. Every ghetto child's dream is achieved by him.

For me he remains a great source of inspiration. He can write rhymes in hieroglyphic graffiti form. To understand what he is kicking is not simple. He started the hip hop label called Roc-a-fella records with Damon Dash and Kareem Burke Biggs. They came quite a long way being independent to becoming major with their own label. This is the most challenging part of the hip hop game. Rather being a slave to the major labels than they started to carry their cross and fight the commercial labels that sucks blood from the original artists like Jay-Z. Jay-Z made a big hit called 'Big Pimpin' along with Bun B he made a great song, which was shot on a yacht with pretty women surround him.
This song contains a loop from a flute, this loop is mesmerizing. He started the clothing line called Rocawear. This is a multi million dollar company. He stepped off as the president of Def Jam after an issue about money.

The album Reasonable Doubt was released in 1996 this grabbed the attention from all over the world, hip hop world was in hype after hearing this album and everybody was holding their breath about what is yet to come from this new kid from Brooklyn. All the hip hop critics was amazed that once again Brooklyn was getting fame after Biggie. They felt like somebody is coming to take Biggie's spot. This was not the case. This guy was more lyrical even the deepest underground hip hop fans could not get around without acknowledging what this rapper Jay-Z about to do to the hip hop game. After being a protege of Jaz-O he gained some minor attention with the song 'Hawaiian Sophie'. In 1997 he came with the album called In my lifetime Vol.1
In 1998 he dropped the album Vol.2...Hard Knock Life. There after every year he dropped an album till 2007. The latest album is called American Gangster.


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